Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A long way from home

It is always a feeling of nostalgia to be a long way from home. Away from the love and security of our loved ones. The feeling of wanting to taste home cook however simple it may be. To sleep on the hard bed how uncomfortable it may be. Our mind is on one thing that we got to accomplish whatever it is and head back home as soon as possible – for I miss home sweet home.

Each and everyone of us on this planet has got a place called which we miss tremendously when we are away from it but really take it for granted when are in the secure perimeters of it. We believe that we can do whatever we like with and it would as it always has.

Sadly, if that is the way we consider keeping our home, then it is bound to fall apart one day or another. Our homes are built around us with the love and appreciation that we put into them. That is why we ought not to love them only while we are away but also while we are in her arms. If we think the other way around that then our home just becomes another house.

Most humans actually do not appreciate the true value of what a home gives them. The same thing can be said about our planet the Earth which is home to all living things. It is a big home where we live with our little homes. The appreciation which is shown to our homes is the accumulative appreciation shown to our big home the Earth.

We as human with our activities are doing thing that are detrimental to this home Earth. We have already deface a large portion of her with our activities in terms of deforestation and mining. We have polluted the air where we have increased the overall temperature of the earth giving to terms such as global warming which is having a negative impact on many fronts.

We have with our habits destroyed large sections of species who share our home with us and are vital for our sustenance. We have done all this so as to make our small homes better and that we can live more luxurious lives.

In the bargain of living this kind of live we have destroyed the bigger home by dismantling parts by parts of her thinking that she can bear the blunt of what we do to her. We ought to remember that she can come crashing down on us at any moment and with it take away our small little homes.

To have respect of our our small homes we first have to have respect for our larger home the Earth without which our homes are insignificant to us.

Steven William Pitts

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