Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Call of Duty

At time there comes the call of duty that as a person we are obliged to do. In life there are many of them that we are responsible for. But fundamentally, there is one duty that we are totally responsible for at all time, that is our country.

We as citizens of the nation we live in our responsible for the country we live in and it is our duty that she looks exactly that way where she can provide for not only us but for each an every individual that is a part of her.

Thus it is the duty of every citizen in her to work for the betterment of the country. We always imagine that we want our country to look like another country all because of her economic progress and the standard of living there. Do we not know it is because of the attitude which the citizens took, made her what she is? They took their call of duty in that direction and seriously – each and every one of them.

We as citizens of a country cannot solely put the blame for the misery which our country is in only on the politician as they are insignificant without out us. They cannot rule without us as they need people to rule and if there are no people how could they rule. So they rule us they way we want them to rule us.

This is the primary reason some countries in the world are in the state they are in at the moment with countless years of democracy. They have not responded to the call of duty in the proper way. Instead of making their leaders culpable for their rule. Time and time again those leaders are brought back into power. If this happens, those leaders would obviously think to themselves. Ah! The people loves us for our dereliction of servants of the people. Instead we have become their kings and we can do as we please.

These leader come into power with nothing and before they leave this earthly abodes become millionaires. This wealth that they have made with impunity could have been used for the development of the country such as electricity, roads and other infrastructure so vital for an economy to flourish in a modern economy.

Instead, all know that the economy will be sustained by foreign employment where one becomes a consumer nation without any internal production which when the foreign currencies stop rolling in the economy collapses.

Still when the money is coming in most of it going into the pockets of those who we time and time put into power to rule us while poverty is on the increase and land is left barren as we believe that paper money is the most important thing in the world. We set out to an alien country to be the servitude of less in gratitude so as to have the dollar.

There is something not right in the way we take to the call of duty in our country. We only get our acts right, I bet you would be living in a country which others could admire on all fronts.

Steven William Pitts

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