Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Discarded Truth

Truth is something which is rarely liked when it shows the darker side of you. You like to do all in your power in order to conceal the facts. It is like the Pandora’s Box being opened which only hope can be the guarding angel you have left on your side.
When knowledge of the past comes to fore, people begin to learn that you are not the person that you really are at the moment. They begin to take you in the shades of being an impersonator. This is precisely why many people do all in their power to discard the truth.
Letting the truth of your past be known to the present can only have one repercussion which is only a spiral of events in the downward trail. The same cannot be said if your past was a positive one, where you existed in the good shades of life. You’re presently accepted by who you are at present. A bad person cannot in any way omit his deeds. Thus, if the truth of his past is presented at present, it cannot in anyway efface the present acceptance by the larger facets of human belief.
Rationality in no way makes it comprehensible that you are capable of ever being good. However beautiful you might have been in your youth, it would be difficult for your grandchildren to make believe that you were once the beauty queen of town. They would take you to look like how you have always looked.
Sometimes, the truth of the past can also open up something which you never expected would be opened and all your successes in life. The climb up the ladder to the pinnacles has borne you no fruit eventually. You simply fall to below that foot from which you once rose.
This precisely why, many of those at the top of the ladder do all in their power to have the truth discarded and use any means if they get a shady hint of it surfacing. But, then again, you are still paying the results of the truth just for the truth to remain silent.
It is funny that it does not want to remain silent as you expect it too. Many at the top have learned the only too late in life – when success had finally hit them. The only reward for them was their failure in life. Just look around you. The media will tell you so. There are stories abound with them and all we got to do is to make the comparison. Finally, we will say to ourselves, “the cat is out of the bag and that poor fellow is paying the price for the discarded truth”.
In genuine though, we should not be irrational while starting out on life’s journey. There is much that would lure us into its false promises. They are so lucrative with false promises that we hardly see that truth of them being false and the later consequences if we want to change. We do all in our power so that it should not surface again in life when I have made a turn for the good. I bury it deep so much so that even the seed will not have the strength. In some strange mysterious way, the seeds germinate and bloom when I least expect it in life. It is a legerdemain of illusions back then that it never would but it does. How unfortunate!

Bill Cosby