Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When Written Content Matters

Many take the optimized approach to believe that written content does not matter, which eventually dashes their hopes in the long run. Many theories with esoteric facts emerge making it hard to fathom, thus giving into the charlatans. This is when written content matters.

They say that that if your site begins to follow all the guidelines that the search engines put down then you are surely going to get your digital assets optimized to the fullest and then traffic to your site is for your keep. Fact is stranger than fiction that is a familiar cliché that is often more used to tell a strange tale like this. Sweet talking can always get anyone into a trap. It is obvious that we are all on the hunt for money and many preys into our conscious to get the maximum benefits from our wallets.

A bit of analysis into the digital world will only lead you to the conclusion that you are being led astray. All you need to do is to check whether any of the top sites are following the search engine guidelines. Sadly when I did a study into them, I found not one of them did. This made we think, that they had an attitude of “who the hell cares”. I have got my customer base and I am a branded company. Who the hell are the search engines? They do not make a difference to my presence, one way or the other. Rather than me running after them, let them run after me.

That is precisely what the search engines do. They make a big hue and a cry about things and the way one should follow they dictates, so much so that we become prey for scrupulous people out their conceiving up ways to make us dig into our pockets.

Whichever way, it is not going to help us. Fundamentally, the search engines have no way of doing so, except for the content that we put into ours site. It is from here that makes things happen for both them and well as for us as website owners. Their algorithms are only tuned to read the written content on our website and pit us against each other which in the optimizing world are known as our competitors. This is where written content matters.

There is one question that needs asking when we come to this junction. How is that those sites that are not following a stitch of the search engine guideline and yet getting optimized and where as we are following them to the tee and nothing is happening for us? Yes, that is because we have been caught as prey.

Since then onwards, I do not bother to follow the guidelines except for putting up as much content all because I have come to realize the more you adhere to them, they begin to take note of you and here is what both the search engines and well as the charlatans out their pretending to be optimizes will feel – here is another one in our net.

It is imperative to understand that the search engines want us to notice their importance as website owner and by us doing that makes their belief that they can play with. Take no note and eventually, it is your written content that they will have to rely on. That is what the tops sites do.

It is up to you to believe it or not. I am not the one to play around with stats to show you what I have just written. Do a check of it yourself and you will eventually believe as I am that written content is what makes it happen.

Steven William Pitts