Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Machiavellen Scheme

A Machiavellian scheme is all that it takes for one to start the ball off rolling. This has been time and time again encounter by me. People are so scrupulous to cause harm to another person all because of their own selfish gains.

This all because of the word called money. The more money one makes in life, the more power he is said to have over the other person. The rule of law takes a secondary position. It is because of money in the first place which buys it off.

This is the same problem in Nepal. The law favours those who have more money as with money comes the importance. Even if the person in the wrong has more money than you, he will be in the right all because of it.

So it is obvious why people in this country run after money. If you have money, you can grease the palms of the law and make more of it. The vernal are the most honest people in this country. They say that they are doing for the good of others and dress and move around in expensive cars and motorcycles all on the wealth they make off others or their parents do.

The children of the affluent flaunt off the wealth of the ill conceived money their parents making by going to expensive restaurants and buying expensive gadgets like cell phones that is the one year wages of an ordinary worker in this country.

Money which comes into the country to help the poor, goes into two pockets. The staff of the organisation and the remaining into the government officials who over see this department. Hardly ten per cent of the money coming in trickles down to those who really need it the most to make their lives better.

All that is done in the name of development is a plain farce. It is actually developing the life’s of those who starts the initiative. Once a project is started, it never seems to come to a conclusion. The only conclusion which I can make out from this is, that there is someone and his gang of vernal thieves.

In all this. Who are the ones to suffer, the poor ordinary people who do not have the money to fight for their rights and become slaves to the system all along that injustice is being done to them. Because of this, Nepal is still a futile ground for yet another revolution.

Steven William Pitts

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