Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The above pictures give a taste of what is insight for Nepal. The pictures as I believe is a tip of the ice-berg. This is what I could get from the media. The wanton anarchy that was not mended out to the innocent masses that have no hand in it but also to the media that was trying to they duty.
As I have heard, that problems are arising between the ethnic groups in not only the country but in the very heart of it; the capital, which was once the tolerance of social harmony. The clashes between two groups, the Chhetries that are indigenous to any particular part of Nepal and the Newars that are indigenous to the valley. As all have ignition points, this seems to be the one here and as I believe that this can also flare up into something bigger, like issues of this nature do the world over.
I strongly think that the patriotic sense of the country should take precedence to any other diminutive thinking that my family is greater than caste and creed, and caste and creed is greater than country because if you do, then they will be no country to talk of and with out the country we do not exist. So reverse the thought and be patriotic by bringing in the spirit of  brotherhood of mankind. Have love for our country before we have love for our community, caste, creed, family and finally ourselves because unless our country does well, we are not well off and for our country to be well-off we have to make it so.
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