Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stupid Acts

My son has been going to school for the past one properly, all he must have gone  is about a week. This reason is not because the schools are not there but because of the incessant strikes being called by any Tom, Dick or Harry.

This is happening all for the reason that the time for writing out the constitution of Nepal is coming to a conclusion and there are many stake holders with many agendas. Some of which, in the interest of the collective nation is in line with human rights but the rest is self interest of the callers of the strike.

The one that has picked up momentum is the one got to do with the division of the country into provinces according to ethnic lines. Here are three players, one in favour of the dish being carved, the other against and one still not happy of either one.

I do not support either one of them for the very facts that the means being used is detrimental to the rights of others that need to live lives that they been born onto planet earth for, like fossicking for food, rights to movements, rights to bettering ones means through education so that he may stand a chance to live in this economically complex world.

Coming to the facts of what should happen to Nepal. Things should be left alone as it was before in the delineations of the country, because in it was social harmony which had been in place for centuries. But present, a hornet’s nest has been disturbed were each ethnic group has began to thinks more along ethnic lines than social harmony bringing in issues such past subjugations and now they should have the right to self-determination that was long denied to them and they happen to be the largest group in that said area. Go according to that line and you are fragmenting the country. Cohesion is something which keeps a nation strong but fragmentation is a formula for disaster in the future. No one loves it better than the neighbours who are waiting with their forks and knives to have a nice meal.

All this happening due to the short sightedness of the masses of the ethnic groups whose leaders hands they are playing into. They have their agenda which not exactly what the masses see. And once you have been used, you will begin to see your folly but then it will be too late. History has shown so many examples in Nepal to elude to but blindness prevails in the masses that they never seem to learn.

Finally, what ever the reason goes, you have nor right to call strikes that hamper the rights of others because MY SON has the right to go to school, and my wife and I to work which far out does your right to call strikes. And the law is as useless as ever in Nepal as it never sees to the protection of these individual rights.


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