Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kathmandu Clothing

Clothing from Kathmandu, Nepal happen to be some of the best in the world, provided that they are made from the products available in the country.

Sadly, most of what is worn in the country is imported from the neighbouring countries, India and China. This is because the youths of the modern times are more allured by what clothes they see on television. This does not mean ethnic clothing is not produced within the country. Yes, it is.

Most of this clothing from Nepal is made catering to the foreigners who are much fascinated by them. This is because their is a touch of bohemian and hippie side to the clothes which are made in Nepal and can be said to be purely Nepal.

In fact a whole line of such clothes has set up an industry which occupy the rural women of the the country, much of these clothing is sold online by the different online retailers that once you order them, they are sent to you by courier service.

It is sad that some of these clothes look beautiful to wear but the youth who believe to be modern do not want to associate themselves with them. They want to look western and so are seen more in western clothing rather than Nepalese clothing. Another thing could be that the clothes since their are produced within the country tend to be more expensive that the cheap machine made clothes of China which can come for a fraction of the amount made internally.

The clothes made in Nepal which usually go by the name of Kathmandu clothing have a lot of floral and patch work done into them. More over the clothing looks more coarse and as if it purely done by hand. This is because more the fifty person of the work is actually done as the patterns are quite complicate to be stitched by machine.

It is only the older generation of Nepal which would found cladded in their ethnic clothing and to a certain extend those who go to the government office. Most of the time if you want to see the people in their colour attire, it would be on their festival days. This is mostly among the hill ethnic groups.

It is thanks to the foreigners who buy such clothing that to a certain extent this section of Kathmandu clothing is staying alive otherwise most of the clothes would be found in the museum.

If you are interested to know more about Nepalese clothes and other arts and local products from the country, please send me a line via the contact page. I would be most willing to be of help to you.

Steven William Pitts

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