Wednesday, December 11, 2013


How wonderful is it to get up from a deep sleep? It makes you feel relaxed and refreshed to get back to what you were doing. Yes, without us noticing it sleep is an important part of biophysical well being.

What is actually sleep, that is what most of us would like to ask? Sleep is a state in which the body goes into inactivation and most of the organ stop function to 90% of its capacity. This is good as it allows them to go into the repair mode and any damage done to them the repair work beings.

Sleep lowers the function of the heart which is so vital for living. Our blood pressure drops and it gives some reprieve to it. Beside this, also allows the body to release the stress that builds up with our interaction with the world where the subconscious part of the mind comes in to play and we have what is known as dreams.

These dreams also have another function. They do not allow the body to get disturbed by the other noise which other wise would have awoken us u from our sleep.

Further more sleep also helps the body to adjust the temperature in the body so that it relaxes and helps to accumulate the toxins which have built up in the body. This is later discharged through the excretory system.

Sleep is the only blissful part of a human’s life which should be used to it full potential. We should get at least eight hours sleep in a day in a well ventilated area. We should also sleep in a lying down position where all parts of the body is able to touch the surface of the bed.

Plus while we sleep, it should be done on a flat surface which should not be too soft nor too hard. This helps the muscles to relax and also allows the wear and tear in in them to repair.

The best material to use as a mattress is that or wool or coir and pillows of the cotton. In cold places we should use blankets and warmer places thin sheets to cover while we sleep. These help the body to maintain its internal temperature and induce sleep.

Before going to bed, we should avoid smoking, drinking tea or coffee. It is a good practice to drink a glass of milk. It gives warmth to the interior of the body. Plus we should wait at least an hour of dinner before going to sleep only after the food is well digested.

Furthermore more if we want to sleep to useful to use, then we  should retire to bed early as this habit is not only healthy but really revitalizes the body.

Remember that sleep is important of us to function as proper human beings and we should get eight hours of it a day but do not make only sleep as too much of a thing is also bad for us.

Steven William Pitts

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