Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The ABC of freelance content writing

Looking to be a freelance content writer, then you should know the ABC of freelancing content writing. But, before you do so you got to magnify your creative ability to the world at large. People ought to know that the person that they are hiring is capable of delivering what he needs of him in matter of content for his site, blog or newsletter.

In one sentence you must have the convincing power in your writing that “I am the guy that you must hire – my writing speaks for itself”.

But, before you could do the convincing factor, the blog or site where you put your written material to expose your ability has to be found on the internet. It is then only would you get people to read what you have written. If not all your hard work would go in vein and you would not get anyone to work for.

What needs to be done then? Yes, you need to get your site optimized but where and how? That is under the keywords which is obviously freelance content writing for people. You blog and site articles must be directed in that direction for the search engines to pick out that is what you want.

But, in this world, seems like all of us are heading in the same direction and in our case, it is freelance content writing. How the heck are we to be found on the first pages from where we can derive our traffic from. The only thing which I can say in this regards is keep faith in your ability as a writer and use the generic keywords. One day or the other you will hit the pinnacles of success.

The world has become a very difficult place and the search engines make it all the more difficult for honest folks to make a living. They ask us to prove that our sites have the authority by the backlinks from other site. This is something that is not easy as no one would like to do so. They need links pointing to their site rather than giving it to someone else.

So how do we get these back links? Here again it is to write content which shines among our fellow men and when people like what we read, it is obvious that want to be associated with that content and in their post they would give us a link. Here we have got truly a backlink which is appreciated by others. This would also be noticed by the search engines and it proves only one thing – that we are good content writers.

Further more as a freelance content writer, you should have the mastery over the English language in all its feels. You word power should be powerful. You should be able to play with words to your advantage. You grammar and editing skills should be up to the mark and most of all you should have the skills of being creative. People love those who are able to think out of the box.

Finally when you do get clients to write for, it is always got to build trust in your relationship. This only helps you to be known in a wider circle. Talking about circles. It is a god idea to use the social media. It lets more people know about you and with their likes you are able to further optimize your site.

Steven William Pitts

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