Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting a Freelance Content Writer

A freelance Content Writer

Getting a freelance content writer, to get written content has not become all the more easier with the supposedly plethora of them out there in this digital selling their skills. What would do to know that you have hired the one that would suit your writing job that you might have at hand? It is imperative that you do otherwise it is you that would ultimately suffer the blunt.

  • What part does written content play for you web site?

You may believe that written content is insignificant and diminutive in nature when it comes to a site. If that is your belief then you are sadly mistaken. As written content does primarily two things – one it helps to optimize your site in search engines and two if written well by the freelance content writer you hire, can get you conversions. People like to see quality in what they read and out of it believe that the site is trust worthy and they are ready deal with you.

  • If what I am saying is true, then how should one go about hiring one who would prove his quality?

First of all, I must tell you there is no hard and fast rule that one could fallow while hiring a freelance content writer for his writing needs and the best approach one can use is to assay the person that you are going to hire to see whether he understands anything regarding the subject matter pertaining to your site. You ought to remember that writers are writers like any other person. They are not all knowing but still too, they as knowledgeable should know something regarding all subjects.

Like any good writer, a freelance content writer does research on the topic he is going to write on. So, the main purpose of assaying him is to find out his skills in creativity, grammar and flow of composing in a language. When I speak of the flow of writing in a language, I mean to point out that writing is not only done in the English language, it can be in other languages too.

If you find it time consuming, corresponding with a freelance content writer, that you think of hiring, then you could request him to send you a link to one of his blogs or sites which any writer who is selling his writing skills should own. It would be advisable to see the most of postings he might have put. Read a few that you might like. This will tell you a lot about him.

  • Should I hire a freelance content writer from one of the outsourcing companies?

The answer to this is a big no. These are the first sites that you might find in your search queries and they seem to be pretty cheap. In fact the people who own the sites do not do a stitch of the writing work and they only give it to either one of the writers working in their company or further outsource to one of their affiliates.

The freelance content writers are made to writer a number of articles per day and when a writer is made to write under the duress of completing certain amount of work in a certain time frame. One can imagine the quality of the contain that eventually wind up for your site.

All that glitters is not gold Рthis clich̩, you might be familiar with. Even though it is one, it holds true when it comes to hiring a freelance content writer.

Finally a word of advice. Do not fall for the ones that sell their ware cheaply. You could imagine the goods from China versus the one manufactured in your own country. So if your site is in English, hire a freelance content writer whose mother tongue is English as the same goes for other languages as well.

Steven William Pitts

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