Sunday, March 30, 2014

Food For The King

Would not you like to be king of your life? Who be so naive not to want to be so? Who is the king of our life, that is one priority that we need to set straight? I bet like any other person, I believe that health is the king of a person’s life.

It is only logical to take health as being king in our life as it one thing if we do  not have, other things cannot be obtain. Even a true king of a country would have his health as being the king in his life.

Besides many other things which make health possible, food plays one of the most vital roles. The food we eat and the amount we consume determines to a large extend, how healthy or unhealthy we are.

So one should be careful in what one consumes. No one kind of food is suitable for all people. The part that food plays on our health can only be determined by ourselves alone. What may be good for one person’s health can be detrimental for another persons. Thus with a little bit of understanding our nutritional needs, we can know what is best for our health.

Another important factor which determines the food we should intact is age and the kind of work we do. Sugar might be find for a growing child, but it can be detrimental for a person going up in age. In fact, no one should consume sugar as too much of it can lead to a number of problems.

The intake of sugar, if you got a sweet tooth, should be from natural sources, such as fruits. As besides the natural sucrose, it has sufficient minerals to counter the ill effects.

Now a word on carbohydrates. They are very essential for a person as they give the body the energy to do work, but again you should be careful of the kind or carbohydrates you taken into your body. While you are young, it may not matter as some of the ill effects of some of them will not be noticeable, till later in age. Carbohydrates got from sugar, potatoes and rice, break easily in the body and if not used as energy quickly can lead to a person fattening easily. Plus their lead to high blood sugar and the effects of it would be felt as we go on in age.

Products from whole wheat and other such cereals break more slowly, lessening the sugar levels in our body and helping to protect us from the killer disease known as diabetes.

The same can be said about foods that form the fats categories of foods. They may be tasty, but if not use quickly, can easily stored in the body. Plus, too much of fats in our diet, can lead to liver problems and also obesity. Obesity is a killer in a person. It leads to stress, a person is not able to do much in life. It causes heart disease in almost all people who suffer by it. But, at the same time a certain amount of fat is necessary for a person’s body as it helps to transport some vital minerals and vitamins in the body. At the same time, it helps to protect the body in colds weather, special when our bodies are inactive while we are asleep.

Food containing good sources of vitamins and minerals like fruits and vegetable should make up a large part of our daily diet, but at the same time we should be gluttonous and over do the intake of it. As even too much of the good things can have an ill effect on a person.

Proteins should be a part of our daily diet. The main source of proteins are meat and fish. Fish is better of the two. At the same time meat has it problems on the body too. That is why I said fish is better of the two in the first place. Red meat, though it helps to repair the damage done to parts of the body and helps in growth, it can cause a number of problems too such as uric acid, that is more felt in our bones when we begin to age. Since fish and the meat of chicken falls under the white meat category.

Finally, understand what would be bad for our health and consume a little of every thing that is good for health.

Steven William Pitts

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