Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nuptial Knot

Tying the nuptial knot comes with a lot of responsibilities. Many people in the contemporary take it else. It is easier for one to get the opposite sex and get married than actually to live a proper married life. Marriage is neither a bed of roses nor is for the faint hearted.

In the initial stages everything associated with marriage might be sugar and honey but as the dire hard reality sinks, there is more to it. It is where two souls hold the responsibility of bringing in new life into the world and showing this new life how to live it. They have to be taken care of and must be provided for. It is here that the burden is felt and when this burden becomes the responsibility of a single person rather than the two involved, misunderstandings begin to creep in.

It is the reason why, there is a high rate of divorce in the world at present. One partner is not able to understand the needs of the other. This makes a divorce lawyer a bristling business. It seems like more than twenty five per cent of the people living in the developed countries are either divorced, getting divorce or a misunderstanding has crept into family life and one partner or the other is planning to get divorced.

Why all this trouble? Would it not have been better to first understand your partner before taking the absolution of destroying the bliss of a proper marriage or a lasting marriage? Think marriage to be something else and jumping straight from the frying pan into the fire, seem a whole lot of stupidity. We could have least taken the trouble of understanding our partner and once we find that we are made for eternity would it have been better to tie the nuptial knot.

For many marriage is free sex, where one does not have to think of the aftermath. Yes, there is the pleasure of it as any animal uses it as a means of reproduction. So is the same for humans. In humans, it is far more severe than what other animals have. They fossick of the earth to provide for their off-springs. Humans also need to provide for their off-springs as well and this provision is slightly different from other animals.

They have to work, earn and get money so that this provision is felt not only for the children thus produced but for the other person involved in the marriage. It is usually this involvement of economics that results in the breakdown of a proper marriage life. This tends to play the diabolic act in the middle stages of marriage life.

Plus another devil plays the act – mistrust that the other partner is cheating on you. It is the tendency of people looking at the opposite sex as that is the nature of evolution otherwise animals would not have been able to breed their kind. Most humans have the same means of attraction, but as a social animal they have modified it to have laws which govern human relationship and marriage being one of them.

Sometimes, it is one of the partners that no longer feel the sexual appeal of his partner and is inveigled by one else and further goes to get captivated by the charms of the other. This results in him causing trouble so as for his partner to divorce him.

Action of divorce has its repercussion on all persons involve but the most to feel the consequence of it are the children. It may lead them to a negative form of life later on as a proper family life makes children know how to lead theirs.

Finally, while taking the steps to tying the nuptial knot, we should take much in consideration, so that the nuptial knot remains a lasting marriage.

Steven William Pitts

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