Sunday, April 6, 2014

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Getting site or blog onto the web, one needs to take many consideration even before he can contemplate anything else. One among them is to get the site properly optimized on the various search engines out there. Optimization all begins with proper keyword research.

There plenty of tools out there, that is only if you have the money to pay for them. The only one that can be said to be free, is the one provided by Google which is actually associated with its Adsense programme.

It is actually free to do your keyword research provided you know how to go about it. This is because the primary concern of Google is to inveigle you into using its Adword programme. It is by this programme that is sells advertising in its search engine, that is famous for its use.

Anyway, you must login using your Google account and pretend to be using it for their advertising programme. Then go to the tool section where you can do self analysis for the best keywords that you can induct into your content of your site. Choose any word that might be in league with what your site is all about.

Google will pull up a list of associative keywords that can be broadly broken in short keywords and long tail keywords. Usually keywords having one word, two and three words fall into the former category and those with four or more will fall into the latter.

The short one if its is one can be an adjective, noun or verb and if it is more than that, it would be a noun or verb and the others words which basically describe the main words. If it is a long tail keyword, it would be one of the many phrases which English grammar is abound with. It would usually have a preposition in it. Prepositions are words like of, in, at and so on.

The fundamental purpose in keyword research in to see two things under either the short keywords or the long tail keywords. That is the competitions and the amount of monthly searches for any given keyword.

Usually the competition with be given on a scale of decimals ratio where the highest will be the whole figure one (1) and the least will be zero point zero zero (0.00). Understanding this you can evaluated how much in demand that particular keyword.

Another consideration is the amount of monthly searches, only on Google’s search, I must say. The higher the amount is and lower the competition, then I must say that that is a good keyword to use.

Why? The reason is so, there are less people using this on their site and blogs where as the people searching for information associated with that particular keyword is high. This means that you have greater chances of getting your site higher in optimization quickly organically, but a greater percentage of free traffic.

After doing the necessary keyword research, the next step in to get those keywords into the content of your site where it matters the most. The is where the words are. It is from here that Google is going to analysis your site when it crawls it with its spider which is actually an algorithm specially prepared for this purpose.

So you must written content up fast on your site and your blog which will get google to profile your site and rank it as time goes on.

Steven William Pitts

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