Thursday, March 6, 2014

Writing for the fashion industry

Written Content for the Fashion Industry

Normally speaking writing for the fashion industry is an easy job if you know the words every fashionable person wants to hear. People like a bit of praise in what they wear and do not like to feel alienated by negative form of written material. After all the fashion world is a trendy world. All want to look chic in what they adorn. 
Your literature you write, need not be impeccable and flawless, but needs the words which denote and are easy and melodious to the ears. When a dress is in vogue, it sound something wonderful and enticing to the ears. In fact vogue is more French, meaning that it is in fashion. 
Other words such as chic, trendy and cute tell the person that there would be a change in their personality from the mundane and boring to ebullience of life. Every person likes to know that their clothes they are going to wear is going to bring some excitement in life. 
Clothes and other things which we adorn, need not be stereotype. Excitement comes from the glances, that come our way from the person we are jealous of or the opposite sex, that we want to seem appealing to. 
Clothes accentuate us which puts us forward and the looks and glances that we get make life exciting. Yes, we want the glaces from all. This makes us famous. Who is there that does not want fame upon him. It helps him to climb the ladder of success. 
This actually what you are selling in your skills as a freelance writer while you are writing for the clothing industry. 
You must know clothes and how their would look on people and how it made people when it was worn. "It gives a sexual appeal with the side slit, with curves made possible by the cut of the waistline downwards", could be ways of tell others that this skirt is such and if you bought it, this would be your appeal to others. 
Clothes are a way of flaunting our body. It is obvious one cannot go naked all because of social norms. Yet, that is how clothes when properly described, can tell others how their body would be imaginable to others. 
Clothes also determine, the kind of person we are. It tells the world our place in society and also determines our personality in our work place. So while writing, we should be able to tell exactly how certain clothes would appear on a person. Knowledge of the kind of fabrics which are used is very essential too and the falling pattern of them when they are made into clothes. 
Knowing how to explain in writing the art work which is put into clothing adds more glamour and makes those clothes seem better for use. Clothes are of different kinds and being able to categories them into the classes their belong plus giving names according to the appearance that is commonly used among people, helps not only the reader to understand better the clothes but also gets it optimized in the search engines, which is one of main concerns of any web site owner. 
Finally writing for the fashion industry one needs not only be a master in writing but also a person who has a creative mind and can minute details of descriptions of the clothes he is to write about. 
Steven William Pitts 
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