Saturday, March 8, 2014


There is a a misconception as to what beauty is, there is no doubt it. One may say something is beautiful and the other may shake his head in acknowledgement, but this does not necessarily means he agrees.

Then what can be said to be a beauty. Nothing, and it all depends on the perception of a persons minds towards a thing. How then is it beautiful to his mind? Simple, when it has an appeasing factor to his senses, he will interpret it as a beautiful thing.

Many may argue that beauty is more associated with the eyes rather than with any other sense of perception and to perceive if that thing is beautiful, he can not sight feel so. Otherwise he will not acknowledge its presence. Naturally he cannot feel it a beautiful thing.

Arguably this is true. Here is how. If we think a flower is beautiful when our sight tells us so, then it is beautiful to our eyes alone. On the other hand if the same flower has a nasty smell to our nose. We may still believe it to be a beautiful flower with a horrible smell. But if we are blinded before seeing the flower, we may not take the flower to be beautiful but ugly. Here the flower’s beauty is dictated by the smell we get, which is horrible. How could something smell so horrible be beautiful will dictate the terms to our feelings.

So if we come to the eventual conclusion of this argument, beauty is more a perceptive issue and what is beautiful or not all depends on an individual. Then what things are actually beautiful, would be the next question that we might ask ourselves?

The answer to the above is very simple. Anything that is generally accepted by more people as being beautiful than less than them is beautiful. What those can be, is simply anybody’s guess. A survey has to be taken to actually find that out.

Another thing that we have to accept about beauty is that for a certain class of people beauty may differ. A certain tribe may consider black teeth as being beautiful and so all the members of the tribe polish their teeth with charcoal to have black teeth. On the other hand, we consider white teeth to be beautiful and those having black teeth revulsive.

What can be the prized possession of beauty that a person can have? I am not sure if you ask me, as others may not agree to me defining something as being more beautiful than others things, but any way for me the most beautiful thing in the world is a “beautiful mind”.

A actually take this as being the most beautiful thing in the world as a person with one is able to formulate his life with such ease and not only makes the world a better place for him to live in but for others as well.

How then can we come to a conclusion has a person has a beautiful mind? I can simply say when life becomes easier living with that person around.

So if you want to be that person who has a beautiful mind, make living for people around you and you would be define as one having it.

Steven William Pitts

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