Saturday, March 8, 2014

Medicine - Negativity

When we talk of medicine, what precisely do we mean by it? Conceptually speaking it is a broad spectrum of many different industries got to do with healing and the cure of the body or to keep it in the path of being and healthy. Where as in the short term it is some chemicals or natural thing which is ingested into the physical system for cure.

Here, I would like to discuss the broader spectrum that medicine is associated with. The first question which I would like to take into discussion is whether it has truly done anything for humanity as a whole? In the positive side to the argument, one might say that it has a made a much healthy population. But, the negative side might argue otherwise.

Considering both sides of the argument, the negative side out weights the positive side even though the positive side looks more appealing to people’s fundamental belief. The reason being that medicine and done more in the direction of leading to many negative effects but is never seen in that prospective, that people believe that it has no negative sides.

One of the negative side of medicine is population growth. Since it has helped to decrease the mortality rate and have made people live longer – now known as baby bloomers, the population is ever on the rise from actually begin stable for thousands of years. One might think that nothing is wrong with phenomena of growth. Sadly if thinking goes in this direction, then you have misjudge rationality.

The growth in population means the increase demand of natural resources and shortage of most thing which are essentials for human survival. As the same amount has to go around feeding and catering to the increased amount. This also leads to increase in almost all things which are essential for living. This causes a division in people as to those who can have what they want and those that have to make do and follow the rest and live life on bear necessities.

More over medicine allow people to cling on to the hopes of life and make life artificial. This makes one addicted to medicine so as to live on leading to financial burden not only for the person himself but also for his loved ones. Medicine is like an mirage that you can live on and on with it loosing the productivity of life itself.

The hope with medicine gives people is life there when you have nothing to enjoy life with – no hands, no limbs but life. You actually are dependent on others for your survival and not economically independent. Why? All because medicine has made it possible.

More over, this industry which has been called medicine has made us addicted to it. Usually people with small ailments in the past used to resort to home remedies and overcome them. Now, it has become a fashion, even with a minor headache, making people seek medical advice. This which is not necessary has lead to scrupulous practices among the medical fraternity to request for additional testing even knowing that some drugs would help. This at times puts you into a vicious circle of doctor – getting better – falling into some other sickness due to the drugs taken – back to the doctors – starting things all over again.

Medicine which was once confined to few people and was more a home remedy industry where it did not have much of a financial strain on people, has become a multitrillion dollar industry. There is much money to be made, so instead of telling people the actual truth of the medical industry, why not keep it that way. After all, there is much money to be made.

Coming to the conclusion, the truth is that the medical industry only serves the purpose of a few so as to keep us in the vicious circle of it. It is more of a negative industry rather than what it actually seems to be.

Steven William Pitts

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