Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Human Intelligence

We all take animals to be creatures with no brains, but have sat to think for a while whether this is true or not. Humans have a characteristic of naming people according to what they perceive an animal by. If a person is cruel and bloodthirsty, he may be nicknamed as being “as bloodthirsty as a tiger”. This is actually a misnomer.

A tiger is neither bloodthirsty nor is he a murder like some humans are. In fact, it is the natural characteristic of a tiger to kill other an animals to satiate his hunger and mind you, none of it goes to waste which is not the case with humans.

All animals have brains. If they didn’t then they would not have the means of doing their natural activities to sustain themselves. There brains evolve over time and they learn how to fend for themselves. They are taught by their parents how to do so, till they are capable of standing on their own two or four feet.

In fact they learn faster than humans do which is generally from a year to four years depending on what kind of animal they are. On the other hand, a human to be able to comprehend his environment, takes him nearly eighteen full years, and yet still most humans live under the shadows for a longer period of time. This is not the case with most male mammals. They are shunned away from the protective custody of their parents which is usually the mother to fend for themselves.

Animals only learn to survive on the planet and that is sufficient for them to live a proper life and they do not think that there is any necessary for change as with change comes the destruction of their milieu. This is not the case with humans on the other hand. Human’s intelligence keeps on evolving and with this increase in intelligence he causes his environment to change as well not auguring well for neither him nor the other animals who have not taken any part in his destructive activities.

All animals have been modified to adjust to his environment for the each other’s mutual benefit. When anyone of them goes out of proportion, then a catastrophe is bound to follow. This mutual check and balance has keep the earth in the part it was supposed to be from the time animals and other species came into existence until the humans species with analytical and rationality of thought began to experiment of his surround.

It was all well in the initial stages, but when his intelligence began to multiply on his initial triumphs, not only did his life become more complicated but a dramatic change took place to the planet. Change to the planet also alters the functioning of it, that it once used to. We as humans are also used to a path that earth goes about doing its business and so we build according to the environment. But then, the earth changes its habits, that we are not ready for. Who is to blame? Our intelligence.

Steven William Pitts

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