Saturday, March 29, 2014

Direct Speech

Sometimes it becomes in life to use direct speech rather than any other method in life when we approach others. As beating around the bush may initially not matter but cause problems for us later on.

When we take of direct speech, the first idea that may run to mind, that it is connected with grammar where what some says is put in quoted marks and is delivered by someone else. If you take it that way, then it is true but here I am trying to talk about the figurative impact of direct speech.

Sometimes in life we want to tell someone something that we have in our heart and mind but am a bit apprehensive about it all because the person may not like what we tell them. For instance you may like the opposite sex and you want to know if it is reciprocated by that person.

In most case, you would try means of hinting those feelings that you have towards her or him. It could besides conveying the right message also the wrong one. It all depends. You have used, what is called the “round about approach” or in other words, the indirect speech.

You may have used the following approaches in your indirect speech towards him or her such as sending him/ her a box of chocolates through a third party, or a bunch of flowers for a matter of facts, or still further asked someone else to hint the facts of your love. But do you think that this approach will get you anywhere? You will not know the true feelings if she loves you or not. You will still be in the dark and what we call in the state of probabilities.

On the other hand, if you had used the direct speech and approached her directly and told him or her, “I love you and I would like to know if you have the same feelings about me”, there could be two answers from her or him – “Yes” or “No”. Now you know where you stand. If the answer was “Yes”, you now know, that you could further your relationship and if it was in negation, then you also know that you should no longer continue with the relationship as doing so would be futile.

So using the direct method in life allows you understand where you stand and you could plan judiciously your next step of action. This does not mean only to relationships. It could be used in other arenas of life. Like a request for something or to know what a person is up to.

The direct approach may not be appealing at first, but it saves us time and money. We have to realize one thing, we have a finite time on this earth and just wasting it by using the indirect speech will not allow us to enjoy the bounties that come with life. Moreover, it cause much mental pressure and leads to further problems later on. At times it could lead to misunderstanding between people which is the root cause of all the problems that we have on this earth.

Further more we anxiously wait for the results, not knowing what the outcome could be. This means that we are neither this side nor are we on the other side. We do not know where we stand. We will not know what plan of action to use.

Finally, I would advice you to use the direct speech rather than the indirect one as it would only pay you dividend in the long run and we would then have the means to know how to further approach the matter.

Steven William Pitts

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