Friday, January 3, 2014

The Planet of Death

How ignoramus our intelligence as humans are! We are living on a planet of death that we have made for ourselves believing it else – we have made a bed of roses.

The earth that had taken million of years to evolve to sustain life, has nothing else but been degraded to the status of an embroiled planet make life not for the intelligent species intolerable but for the other species as well.

What the planet had toiled over in vast period of time has vanished in a blink of an eye. In the two or three hundred years humanity has done such irreversible change to the earth without thoroughly understanding the consequences of his doing, that coming back to what it once was, is a asking question.

We have many solutions to the ills that beckons the earth but no answers to it and hence we carry on in the old way of consuming more and more of her resources and not being able to give an ounce back.

We consume not what the planet has in store for us but consume what we has altered of her – this is something that she had not comprehended and no way to remedy, just leaving her to become more sickly and having a repercussion on us without us knowing.

We are not aware of the harm that we have done to her as we are busy with the toys that have made us affluent in the social order live. We have become prisoners of the artificial mirage we have created by our intelligence. We are blinded by it and do not want to fall from grace to the beginnings that we once live. We have no taste for the virtues of nature which the earth provide us with rather the artificial glamour and glitter that has bound us in it.

We have killed the planet and have tried to barricade ourselves within a bastion that is as weak as an egg shell that every time nature unleashes her terror, it cracks taking with it thousands of lives. But, yet we carry on in our new found good old ways just an opium addict that cannot mend his was knowing fully well the damage it is doing to its inner self.

Here the addiction are the cars, the mobile devices, the manufacturing ways to cater to the chain of never ending process of filling the consuming habits of modern man. He cares two hoots to know that there are other means to fulfil life as he has been brought up in it from an early childhood making him believe that that is the way to things only to continue on to a more catastrophic way of dealing with the earth. He thinks it is the natural way of life.

The modern man does not think that he is living on a dead planet which was started in a process as that is with what he had been born into. It is just a matter of time before the reality will strike all, when the earth will no longer have the means to carry on and will become an inferno where no means of intelligent survival is possible whether it would be hot or cold.

The earth has already gone into a reversal mode like the malignant mode of cancer that cannot be remedied by any means. It is a matter of time when reality will strike we intelligent humans.

Steven William Pitts

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