Thursday, January 2, 2014

Content is King

Nowhere is content so profound than on the internet without which a web site cannot do well. So it is a judgement that one can make without going any further, that content is king.

There is such a hue and a cry that a site cannot do well if it is not properly optimized. That is true to a certain extent and it is much in truth that it cannot be optimized if there is no written content to make it happen.

This makes a content writer an important person unless you are going to write the content yourself.That is a good idea provided you have the time to do so which could be wisely spent elsewhere on more important aspects of your online business.

Making thing happen for your site, means traffic pouring in, which can only come from two sources; organ search or from online advertisements.

The latter means spending money where you are not sure that you will get a return of your investment and the later is better provided you know the business of getting it right.

Organic traffic comes form the search engines if you site is properly optimized under the proper keywords for which people type into for their search queries.

These keywords are derived from the written content on your site and the cumulative affects of all the pages. There are is much hyped talk of backlinks to upgrade your credit among the search engines. So of it might be true but it is rather a pain in the ass and there are the dangers of more harm being done to your search ranking than any good.

As wisdom may prevail, it is better to be safe than sorry and written content is never going to do your site any harm. Your blog that is in relation to your site will do wonders in this regards as each post is a page with new information for the matter related to your site. It gives the search engines more and more insight into your site as well as it gives the visitor more information into the pmust be attractive and it may have something to do in capturing roducts of your site.

Site the attention of your visitor, but it ultimately boils down down to what is written on it. Both the visitor and the search engine require it. So it would be imperative on your part to get a freelance content writer to make it happen for you in the world of this digital age.

Steven William Pitts

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