Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Beginning of 365 Days

Every year beings to finish and with it, the beginning of every year brings hope in the heart of man. We as humanity have entered the year 2014 with expectation that it would a good one. We cannot predict what life has in store for us but all we can do is hope.

The first day of January is a day that is a day of reflection and thought. It is a new day where we feel all should be new. We reflect back into the past years and remember where we had gone wrong in life and how on this new day of the year we can make amends so that it does not spoil the days ahead. We want to prosper and live a fully life.

This does mean that the obstacles which came in the past will not come again in the future. It is the nature of things to occur again and again in life. The only tools that we have at hand is how we manage to encounter it. The first day of the year should be such a day.

We take in the probabilities and equip ourselves mentally of what “I will do if this happens to me again.” There are countless problems that we may have faced and all men that their range of problem. It varies from person to person and so does the manner in which we need to handle them.

The most common of problem which many face is financial, drugs, alcoholism, family problem , education and how to face the world with panache. The most common among them is financial. This is when money problems arise we depend on others from help. We spend more than we receive. We never save for a rainy day. When money comes in we spend like there is no tomorrow.

Think how much you earn and make provision for keeping a part as savings. This will give you confidence to hold your head up high and your know one thing for sure that you are secure. You do not have to hang your head low when you face your creditors.

Drugs, alcoholism, family problem, insecurity all stem from you not having confidence in yourself. Say no to drugs. It may take you into high and you may want to be in the circle of friends as all are doing it. It is the devil which is prettier than the face of god when he wants to lead you astray. The same can be said about alcohol. It make your brave and courageous and you have a good time. A sip by god on this beverage make Satan the winner. You plainly humiliate yourself for which you feel guilty later. The high and mighty fall to its degradation.

Family problems are easy to encounter. There is just love that has to be shown and understanding the other one’s wants. In family problems you need to give more than expecting. You will only learn that you gain more in the long run.

I know that encounter the problems that were is a big asking but there is one thing begin the day and the days ahead to come with a positive note and you are bound to have the year ahead with a better year that was.

Steven William Pitts 

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