Friday, December 27, 2013

Finally 2013 Comes to an End

A year only begins to finally come to an end and the same is now going to happen to 2013. Before that could really take place, we all need to recollect how the years have been for each and every one of us. We got to remember that a year consists of 365 days unless it is a leap year. We need to pass through each and every one of them. Each day is special for the happiness, trials and tribulation that we confront in them.

A second that makes a minute to finally make up an hour and to culminate into a day that has both day and night. We have not to forget that a second consists of its fraction. Each fraction of the time that we spend on this earth is special. There is hope in all of it. The hope that things would better for all from which comes how well we live.

Yes, the year 2013 has been fraught with much to talk about. Some going in the positive direction for humanity as a whole and some not. There has been good news and sad news. The most of it in the sad area was the death of Nelson Mandela but in it inspiration for the good that he had showing while living.

The sad part of it was people having lost their lives not since they wanted to but for the greed for power as in Syria but the good news from it was that it did not culminate into war as expected. Still too, there was trouble from many parts of the world with terrorist organization as in Nigeria Westgate Mall attack.

The weapon of terror has mostly been the blight of safe human living which has become a scrounge for the safe living of people in this modern world. It is a political agenda of those wanting political clot but do not have the proper political arsenal to make it happen for them. They use means by tapping into the frustration of the disgruntle many who fall prey as they do not want to follow the set norms of civilized world.

But for humanity as a whole, things have started to look brighter which much of the financial crisis coming to an end but the worst part is still not over. It is still much better from the years before. There is hope that the years to come would be better but for that to happen, mankind should live a greener life. The only thing that looks bleak in this year that the world and the natural environment is taking a turn for the worse. There has been many natural catastrophes which can only be blamed on the tendency of global warming.

There have been storms and hurricanes and have caused thousands upon thousands to perish. There natural disasters which have lead to changes in climatic patterns which I have felt in Nepal. The monsoons begin late and ended later. The winter is severe at a time when it is meant to be bearable.

We find the population of humans ever on the increase globally without much increase in the outcome of food production leading to increase in cost of practically everything. On the other hand we find more and more animals going extinct.

Yet, in all that has been lost, there is still hope that the next year would be better and people will become more understanding in the matters that are the cause for what is happening to us and our planet as from the got will of it depends our hope for a better a world to live in. There is just hope for a better 2014.

Steven William Pitts   

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