Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time to make a change in life

There comes a time when it becomes necessary to make changes to the way in which one has been living. This becomes so as age creeps on in a person lives. We are no longer the same that we were when we were younger. We are not as agile as we once were.

In the time between now and the time when we were born, we usually have thing happening for us or being done for us till we are capable of standing on our own two feet. Once we get this new found freedom, we take life for granted as if we are immortal on this earth. We begin to live life as if there is no tomorrow. We are easily swayed by the influences of others.

It is this time which makes or breaks a person’s character and make his future, but usually most of the youths in this phase of life take the middle path of life; trying to gain as well as trying to enjoy life to the fullest. This takes a toll on the physical being of a person and the strength of his body begins to slowly fade.

This is only natural as the physical strength of a person gets eroded and as he reaches the middle of life has two options to choose from; either he continues with the style of life he has started and die early in the process or change or mend his ways so that he may live for others to guide and whom he also loves.

I believe the latter is a far better prepositions as it is in this stage that we have the loved ones who depends on us for their sustenance. They have hope from us being there and they have their family intact. The loss of any loved one in a family is actually a dent in a family as a whole. It is an irreparable loss to the family.

When we are youths we actually do not understand and cherish these values, that have existed for ages in the genes of humanity. It is only when we go in age and have become more philosophical in nature do these senses actually creep into us.

We know that we cannot get the fun and frolic which is associated with youth back but  by a change in our attitude in this middle age we can have joys which are in it. We can not get the change to see the manner in which our children grow up and their children as well. We can not sit back and enjoyed the petty things of life which we would obviously have missed out all because they were insignificant back then.

All these an more would seem a rejuvenation of life; a new beginning. Now we know that we have not come to the end of life’s journey. When we begin to understand this, then we know that it is a time to make a change to the way in which we have been living life.

Steven William Pitts

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