Thursday, December 5, 2013

We are made who we are

The irony of life is we are made who we are. Not all of us want to be the person that another sees. It is just circumstances that propels us in that direction. It is just like a gigantic puzzle of life, each and everyone of us fixing in its proper place.

The fundamentals of this is the mind which feels, thinks and reacts to the situation and then determines the direction that he would take and the accumulative steps which is taken puts one in the position he is. This position is determined by the prospects of others.

The main question here is, “Are we to blame for who we are and what our actions result in?” I guess not. Who I am and my actions are determined mostly by the result of external forces where my internal forces only tries to use for it betterment. We as humans, just as the rest of the animals are a game of this big chess board where each one is trying to provide for his better existence.

On the basis of this hypothesis, I presume no one else has the rationality to judge the action of the next for his judgement is the result of the action itself.

A man robs bread to feed his hungry child and his sick wife, is caught and sent to prison resulting in the death of both his loved ones. He is incarcerated for twenty years and robs again on his release from a person who shows him love. Read the story “the Bishop’s Candlesticks”. Is his action of robbing from person who show you love justified?

This needs no answer, for the answer to this is too esoteric for most to give as they rather go by a simple logic which they do not fully understand themselves. This logic is brought about in the order they have prevailed and made to believe but do not look at the prospects of things from different angles. They are made to believe in things as they are made to believe it. As this said that, “We are made who we are”.

But, do we think that when a thief robs, a person murders or a man or woman rapes, we as humans on this, how much we are responsible for those actions of that person. How much we as people and society have driven them in that direction of making them take that action. I believe with that ratiocination which I have played out, that we are just as culpable to the action of others just as much as that person is culpable for his actions.

So what justification can be made to reward a person for his deeds. I believe that any action should be based on how culpable society is, just as society would take credit for its nation winning the world cup where they did not kick a ball in the whole tournament. The proportionality for punishment should be the same.

Steven William Pitts

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