Thursday, December 5, 2013

Better than being naked

Would you be able to imagine the would if every human being was denude of its clothes? I bet every individual would be running from pillar to post trying to hide his shame. The self confidence would be shaken up in him. He will never be the person he was.

In this modern world it is clothes that make us what we are. they form our personality, without which we are not the person people know us. This is the primary reason the well-known have magazines and special sites to cover their footsteps and everything they adorn is printed which becomes fashion eventually.

The persona is made a personality by the clothes he adorns without which his body looks ugly. He is just another ordinary person out there. The most ugly formed female body will should its truth when denuded but when she adorns clothes beauty of her ugliness is accentuated and makes her totally different from her ugly body.

The different kind of clothes we wear puts on different personality into ones self. But, is the kind of clothes we wear all that necessary? Yes, it is till a certain degree but not the complete picture of a person. It is necessary to show society who we are.

The next guy on the road gets a picture of us and according to that picture he tries to deal with us. Yet, a postman by trading wearing a police officer’s clothing can cause a bit of deception in the mind of a person, that will come to for only when the person speaks to the next. So we can see that clothes alone does not make a person, it is what is in the mind.

Plus clothes have another dimension to it. It can tell the next the mood we are in. We would not go to a party with the clothes we wear for work. We would try to adorn the ones which suit the occasion. This is because at a party we want to accentuate ourselves and secondly, wearing what we wear puts us in that mood. There is another aspect to the clothes we wear at a party which is that we want to attract the attention of the other party goers so that we can enjoy the part as a whole or a party loses it significance.

Beside the above, clothes can also give a sex appeal to a person. He can look more sex appealing to the opposite sex by the kind of clothes he or she wears. But being totally nude would give no appeal at all unless the body of that person has the kind of form which the animal side of a body ought to have.

Finally, it would be advisable to those out their wear clothes according to what you want to look, as it manifests the person in you, but at the same time it must be complimented with that form of intelligence otherwise you would be taken for a fool.

Steven William Pitts

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