Thursday, December 5, 2013

Give the Devil his Dues

The devil in temptation

The devil must be given his dues for having brought temptation to humanity. If you are a student of theology, then you must know of how it all began with Adam being lead astray by Eve, whom you see in the picture on the left hand side of your screen. She was inveigled into this disposition by Satan whom we all know was the antithesis of Christ.

As the Story goes that God had created Adam on the sixth day and on his frequent journeys to the Garden of Eden, he found his creation lonely, so one day while Adam was asleep, he created Eve from a rib in his chest. When Adam awoke, he was happy and now god had warned them that they could partake of all the wonders that lay in the garden but should not eat from the tree in the centre of it.

All the while the devil who was once an arch angel of god, but banished to earth for plotting against him, had a plot up his sleeves. He approached Eve while Adam was away in the form of a serpent which you can see in the picture as well seducing her with lustful words, “God wants to keep you in the lap of ignorance so he keeps you away from such taste of life”. As women are easily lead into temptation bite a piece of the reddish fruit and force Adam into doing so. As women have their way with men she had hers into making Adam into a bite.

Immediately their felt their nakedness and hid in shame while god came. When he called, they came in covers from behind the bush in shame. They were banished from the garden of Eden and had to live for their rest of their life from the sweat of their brows.

It is true that women are easily tempted by sweet words and wants of what their see, which forces their men into providing for them. This is so because the other part of a man is the woman without whom he is incapable to continuing his life on this planet earth.

The only thing that is detrimental to both is temptation for all the good things which are their on earth. If this can be removed from man, then he would be able to live a more harmonious life.

Steven William Pitts

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