Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Bell Rings

Does a bell ring when one says that the time has arrived? The time can arrive for many things in life. The time to have dinner when we were in boarding school, the figurative thought when things are coming to an end.

The most important time when the bell rings in the second instance, the bells of the end of things never to repeat themselves again on this planet earth. There are many things which come to an end, the most important is those whom we love. The loss of the them is irreparable and no amount of anything can bring them back to us.

We also fall into the same category, as we are also love by some one who does not want to lose us. But the nature of life is such that we are born to die. Our journey on this earth is for a limited amount of time and nothing we do can change these.

The other way in which a bell rings is the manner in which we can live on forever. This is not possible physical but it is possible by the deeds that we perform on this earth. So for this bell to ring that we are going to be remembered for the rest of eternity is by doing so before we think of it and after which we can rest assured that we are going to be remembered for eternity.

This is difficult to do for most as we are more bothered for ourselves rather than doing anything. We are more concerned about making our lives and set out in this kind of journey and before we know it too long our journey on this earth is over.

The destination which we seek has a beginning. If we begin too late then we may not end in time to see the actual reward which it may give us. On the other hand if we begin in time, the rewards for it may come before we end out journey on this earth.

What are the things which we can do on this earth for which we can be remembered. This has be be in terms of those which is humanistic in nature. It has to concern humans and when more are affected by it, you have more people to remember you.

People can be remember for both negative and positive of deeds. Being remembered for the negative aspects of deeds in not comforting as when we come to the end of life’s journey, the appeal to what we have done will be bitter. Contrary to this, if what we have done gives comfort to people and have save lives instead of destroying it. This has a positive effect on the minds of people. Your name will be revered instead of being curse.

So finally our deeds on earth should ring us a bell that we ought to do good to be remembered for a lasting time which is the only way we can last on forever and never die in the heart of mankind.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance content writer

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