Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nepalese Clothes Make an Impact

What ever you wear has an impact on your personality and show the kind of person you are. Many are fed up with the way clothes have taken the turn, where you need to look sharp and crisp in what you wear. This makes you an aristocrat rather than yourself.

People love to wear what pleases them and a maverick in the trends of society. What better way to should this other side of you with bohemian and hippie clothing. “Now do not take me amiss and get the incorrect connotation associated with these clothes.” 

Bohemian and hippie clothing was used by the gypsies. This does not mean that they did not cover the body. The Europeans loved the look of the clothes but frowned down on the wearers and so they did not want to associate themselves with the clothes itself.

Pure bohemian and hippie clothing which is comfortable is not made in the developed countries, they are imported to these countries from the underdeveloped counties like Nepal.

The best among the ones that export them from Nepal is Kathmandu Clothing which purely deals in the bohemian and hippie side of it where it derives from the ethnic side of the culture. Where in fact the clothes worn by the Nepal have the gaiety of colour and floral where the inspiration is derived from nature.

Clothes from Kathmandu

In fact, the clothes worn by the western countries would seem on the duller side of taste and bohemian to the local inhabitants. It is just the inverse of thought.

Nature has always had an affect on the clothes people have worn. The European countries liked in a more urban surrounding and the aesthetics of it reflected on the designers minds and the was the inverse with the gypsies who most of their time roamed from place to place and was encountered with the more colourful side of life.

This primarily why those selling this kind of clothing has seen an increase in demand the world over, especially from the developed countries. They are cheaper than the branded companies. They come in a variety of designs and most of all make the personal you look different from regular crowds.

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