Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Having gone through a number of articles, I would like to talk about hemp. Hemp is more associated with cannabis, an inhaled smoked drug, which is famous the world over for its negative aspect. Though many believe it is less harmful than smoking and alcohol, it much dangerous as it makes one forget his conscious self.

Barring for the negative side which is more in its seeds and flower, I have come to realise that this planet has much commercial value for the variety of things which it can give us.

Clothes is least what would come to mind. In fact, clothes made from hemp was widely used from the ancient past. It made strong fibres but was a bit coarse which made less used by the sophisticated members of society, but since it was cheaper and stronger, it was the work clothes of the production section of society.

Beside clothes, hemp due to its fibre strength was used in making bags for storage and carriage. They lasted the test of time. This was especially true of the Chinese who made bags and uniform for its armies.

Hemp was also used for making ropes for ships in the days of mast-ships. They were especially good as they did not rot from getting wet from the salted water of the seas and oceans.

Even though hemp is a more ecologically friendly planet, it did not take off to a good start in the production. This was because of only a small section of the planet could be used in proportion to wood where the hold thing could be. But if one could see the long term repercussion on the environment hemp would make more sense as it is more of a waste planet in sense for it negative use by society and if it could be put to a better use, then the negativity associated with it could be altered.

Still too, the Chinese used it to make coarse paper for official use and paper money in the past as it would be resistance to insects and wear and tear. It is just because of the negative biasness associated with it that governments do not want to do more research on it. Not to say that it would not beneficial to humanity, in fact I believe it would. It is one resistant plant to drought and flood. With a bit of control on the part of governments around the world, the seeds and flowers could be control.

This plant if planted after it actual planting period does only bear the plant and not its seeds. Using this inherent quality – the control mechanism can be put in place.

Finally, hemp is not all that of a bad plant, it has many useful uses to which I believe out shadows the negative use of it.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance content writer

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