Monday, December 2, 2013

Down a Hilly Avenue

Been on a walk through the hilly side of life; I bet some have and some haven’t. It is an exhilarating experience which can be compared to coming down a hilly avenue. Life is there to be enjoyed and there is no better way than to make it adventurous. There is no enjoyment without thrill in it.

Hills and mountains can give you plenty of that. There avenues are nothing like the broadways that we are so used to in our dwellings where we use technology like our cars and motorbikes to zip up and down. These avenues have lost their significance as most of the time we are stuck in what is called a traffic jam, making us redundant and the technology that should give us the thrills. What use is life if we cannot enjoy it?

Getting out to these hilly avenues, is another ball game altogether. These avenues turn and twist – ascend and descend. They are litter with all that is natural. The best ways to encounter them, is not by your car or motorbike. They serve no purpose here. It is just a piece of worthless equipment.

There are only two ways in which you could, both of which rely on your own power; your feet or a bicycle. The former take time but the latter takes grit. Your sheer skills of self tolerance and guts is brought to front. Any moment, if you do not take the right turn, could spell disaster.

There are many things that could happen. You could bounce over a smooth rock which can send your flying or you did not judge the turn correctly and you go straight to land in a bust to get scratched.

There are other scenarios to also taken into consideration, such as mechanical failure or a burst out tube. This only means you abandon your self power bike to continue your journey on foot or spend the night in the forest.

Here before entering any isolated part, which I must say should not be a deterrent, what all the episodes of, “Man verses Wild” . Bear Gryles does a good job in educating one, how to take care of oneself while in such situation. This is why I am not going to elaborate.

All the pains to travelling in such an avenue is ameliorated by the stunning natural beauty of both the flora and fauna. It is the billboards of nature not like the ones in the cities which over time have a telling affect on the body, soul and mind. To the contrast the avenues down a hilly trail, is rejuvenating and refreshes the mind so much so that when you return to civilization, you are a totally new person.

There is not more precious in life than living but living life should be done under the proper circumstances for it to be enjoyed to the fullest. This enjoyment in an urban setting is just like a mirage where you get to sample it but cannot ever own it. It is an illusion in the make, but in contrast anything natural has a long term repercussion which can change your life totally in ways of health and peace of mind.

This is way people are leaving their normal lifestyles to walk down a hilly avenue. When are you going to enjoy such a treat.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance content writer

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