Sunday, December 1, 2013

Freelance content writer for hire

A Freelance Content Writer for Hire

Are you on the hunt for a freelance content writer for hire? I bet you are, otherwise you would not have clicked on the search queries. Yes, I am here to sell you my writing talent but for a price. We got to know that everything in life has a price and so does writing. 
If you scroll down to the end of this page, it will tell you who am I. My profile is vividly there to let you know all about be. Just to introduce myself before you could do so, I would give a short insight into me. 
Yes, I am Steven William Pitts. I live in Nepal and besides writing content for others as a freelance content writer, I also teach English, specially IELTS. I also love cycling which I use for not only work but also to keep me healthy. 
Presently, I live in Nepal where I practice my teaching profession and obviously write for you. 
Now about my writing abilities. As a writer, I am comfortable writing under all genres where I write basically from the mind, first hand. Where necessary, I may do so research to get an understanding of the subject matter that I am to write about. 
Then I write of the subject matter straight from the heart. This way of writing has helped me to get most of my work optimized in the search engines, irrespective if it is Google, Bing or Yahoo. 
I as a freelance content writer believe that writing should be original and not plagiarized. Plus it should be written for human consumption. It is when you combine these two elements, then you would get the desired results. Traffic from the search engines and conversion from the traffic to your site. 
Finally, to know more about me and how I write, you could get a better prospective of me, by reading the numerous post I have written for blogs. That is the best way in which you can judge a person whom you are going to hire for your writing needs. 
Steven William Pitts
A freelance content writer
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