Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nothing is free on earth

We are made to believe that we can get some things freely on earth, but if you come to actually consider the truth of the matter, there is nothing free on this planet earth which includes our very life on it.

Let us begin with the first thing which we call love. Is love actually free? what are the sources from which we get and give love love? This and many more questions can be really asked. We need to give love for it to be reciprocated and vice verse. Unless the two factors are not there then love is not there. This only shows that love is not free.

You may come to the issue of parents showing their children with love. Why, isn’t that free? If you think with the diminutive brain that you have then you might take it as free. Parents want to continue with their line of species and their order of life. This can only happen from their off-springs. They give us all so that we can survive this world and secondly for their gratification which is an animal instinct of continuing with life on earth.

Coming to things more down to earth, rather than the more esoteric values of rationality, let take the internet and all the goodies that we get on it. We call most of them free. If you think that they are free, then you are sadly mistaken. They need you to visit their site in order to peddle their wears. What better way to do it than providing you with free stuff. The free stuff is a part of a package without the total goodies.

The most common is that of the search engines, they need your presence to use it. By you using it they can make more and more money. Your presence is vital for them. You cannot call this free. The greater you grow them in your mind the more popular they become. That is why they give you more and more free things to play with. The free mails, and the other gadgets is just an attribute of this phenomena of theirs. You are actually helping them to earn.

The millions of dollars which is spent on making the television series, are not free my dear friend. They give them to your free to view in order that you see the advertisement too of products that inveigles you into buying them. They earn millions more from they companies which advertise. This is not free.

Coming to the very air we breathe, that is not free as long as we do not do anything detrimental, we be able to breathe, else it would be taken away from us.

So eventually, if you are looking for anything free on this earth; whatever it may be, then you are actually dreaming. The word “free” might exist, but the action in truth is not there. It is just a mental illusion which we have drawn up over the period of time and which is used to allure people into traps. Look within yourselves for what you can give yourselves freely, not from others as there is some strings tied to it.

Steven William Pitts

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