Thursday, December 5, 2013

It is all about money

Who we are in the modern world is all about the money we have as humans. We have lost the true sense what is know as true humanity. This thing called money was only a thing which cause the greed of the rulers in the past to access glory. This attribute has trickle down into the masses and so has the divergence.

In the past we were know by our occupation which we were engage irrespective of which part of the globe we came from. In the east was the caste system and in the west it was the class system. It formed the system which bound us to our family and clan.

In truth, there was no negativity which actually surrounded the two system. It was the order of economics which was essential to keep order in humanity, so that each could function for the other and humanity as a whole. This was somewhat the same order animals existed in the fragile food chain.

There was respect for the other just as we are now learning to have respect for the food chain which is only possible by each species playing the essential part.

This is history and the chain is now broken. We are the money we own. This has lead for all to move in the same part to produce and cause a consumer society. A person once from the cobbler class can now freely have food with a person from a priestly class all because he no longer takes part in the trade but invests in the trade to make millions.

The same can be said of the person practising the trade of a priest, who just has to make do, with the charity which is handed down to him from his congregation. He is just invited to the high flung social orders to do his duty rather than to be a part of it. He has become a second class player in the social order that once he played first fiddle.

What is actually happening on earth at the present moment is all about money. Why? Because resources make money. These resources help to churn the production wheel so that we can consume and lavish and show the wealth that we have. Money has made us the people we are at the moment.

Families which existed in relatively harmony in the past is not so in the present. Your presence in your family is also known by the money you have. You will be supersede in honour by a guest at your own relative’s home, and will be given a diminutive section as you are not in the same league as the moneyed guest.

As I do not need to reiterate that society is money and because of it humans have lost the true value of what humans are supposed to be. He has lost the way all because it is about money.

Steven William Pitts

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