Friday, December 6, 2013

Ten best ways to be famous

It seems like as a writer I take the most ridiculous of topics to write on. The nature of me is such that I need to explore the depths of my heart to bring out what I have in it, so out pops the topic, “Test best ways to be famous”.

Before seeking for fame, here is a piece of my advice. With fame comes the consequence of it. Your mental and physical harmony has a price to be paid when you are in the laps of it.

Next fame does not mean that it is confined to only a few areas of life. Your could be famous in any field of human endearment. It is not a confinement of one thing alone.

  • The first thing on the path to being famous is being yourself. In this world, we as humans have the habit of mimicking others in the belief that a little of them will rub off on us and we will become like they are. Most famous people as far as I know were different from the crowd which made them famous and the crowd then became them.
  • Learn what you are interested in but this does not mean that you have to run after degrees. Most famous people in fact never completed college and some even dropped out before high school only to endure in the field of their beliefs. I need not mention them but history is abound in them.
  • Think out of the box. Those who became famous always did so and at the same time carried on with demeaning ways of life to sustain themselves.
  • Give credit to people and also give credit to those who doubt you. You are make a circle of people to only know you. You must always remember that people have their own opinions which at time is the followed path. Take suggestion from all but follow your instincts.
  • Be ready to face constant failure in life, even to the extremes of living a life on the edge and in a state of penury. If you break and deviate, you have lost all hope in your ability of achievement and success in what you set out to do.
  • Remember that your ultimate goal is not wealth but to be known for what you set out to achieve. Wealth if it does follow with fame is an added bonus.
  • Question your thoughts and your conscience. Be rational and logical to judge situation. The answer to anything lies within the inner soul of a person.
  • Never judge a book by its cover, judge the book by its contents. The truth of many matters lie in most unlikely places. You may discover the hidden link in your thirst for your quest there.
  • Be polite when you need to be and firm when it necessitates it. A no is a no and a yes is an yes. Keep to both and break neither of them what may come in your path. That will allow people to know what you stand for and your resolve with break the will of the most muscular form of a person.
  • Last but not the least, never give up as things do not happen in a matter of seconds. At times fame comes only after death. You may think what is the use of being famous then. If this is your feelings of fame, then you are mighty mistaken, as it is a monster which could rise its head at most unlikely time.

Because of the stringent ways to fame,  I have never in my life gone in search of it as it is not for the faint heart people like me. The best that I can do is to write about the ways to it as I find there are no other likely paths to it. At least I follow in the first principle which I have laid down which is to be myself and not follow the crowd. I love to be different and any man who knows that are few will tell you so.

I hope I have set the records straight to fame and if you do become famous before I leave my infamous self from earth drop me a few lines as to how helpful has this post been.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance content writer

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