Saturday, December 7, 2013

A happy marriage for eternity

They say that marriages are blessed in heaven. That is something I do not know about but one thing that I certainly know about that marriages can be made to last for eternity on earth.

People think that marriages are all about sex. Yes, it is initially but not all the way. As animals, the humans need sex as that is the first thing which activates in a human or an animal. It is the generic way for continuation of species. But beyond that, there is much more to marriage.

I always wonder as a middle age human when I see a old couple hand shoulder to shoulder, what made them last together so long? I have never had the courage to ask them but I believe that the answer would be, “We loved each other through our trials and tribulations as human species and without her I would die when she dies”.

Yes, that is the truth of the matter. A woman has trust in her man to deliver to her. She needs to feel supreme in her doubt that her man is having a fling elsewhere. On the part of the man, he is using his sexual instincts to please his lust of continuity privileged to all male species of mammals.

In this regards I would like to go back into the period when our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. The male who could provide and protect his females had the most of them as long as one got the most of what he gave the lot. She knew that she was his master as long as he was the master.

Coming back to the modern ages, it is a bit more complicated in matters as laws prevail where the male hormone-oestrone is still intact but is subverted by the circumstances of times. He knows that he provides but he has to provide for his animal lust. His wife understands the human nature of this and gives him temporary reprieves to do so. She knows that it is not a sin but his manliness to harness the power of male sexuality as long as depravity is not her provision.

That is just the beginning phase of a happy marriage. She knows as times goes on, he thinks about saving, he thinks about his exploits and he thinks about the many off-springs. The squabbling that begins in the nest. How similar are we are to the rodents!

Unless you want to live a childless couple for eternity children bring happiness into life. You and your wife have bound more strongly together. There is joy where both are responsible for giving life to continue in your name.

Added members to the family only mean one thing, added responsibility where the upbringing is prioritized above all. Time flies and before you know Jack, they have flown away to make their own nests.

Now you are left alone, but older and wiser of life and depend on the security of each other. You cherish each other’s youthful follies with forgiveness and love. You are in youthful romance but with wisdom.

At this stage of marriage each day is special for each of the couple as time is an essence. You know that when either one of you have left earth, the other is bound to follow soon after as it would unbearable to live without the other.

Marriage is not only about sex, there is much more to it and neither of the partners in it are ugly. For the rest of the world it may seem how could one live with such an ugly person. As the saying goes beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

The special ingredient for a happy marriage for eternity is love for each other and a mutual respect for the other partner. A strong understanding of each other’s wants is essential else a marriage is bound to fall apart just as a torn paper.

Finally, as a human, I would like to give you this advice. Marry the opposite sex only when you fully understand him or her. If you think it is solely all about sex, then have you fling with a string and when you are fully satiated with lustful gratification, find the right one you could bound with for eternity.

Steven William Pitts

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