Friday, December 6, 2013

The Act of Writing

Writing takes much effort, in fact it can be called “the act of writing”. There are many things to take into consideration to get a perfect piece that can be call an article.

First and foremost, we should take into account, who are we writing for and and who is going to read what we have written? Is it a child, is it a grown up and what is his intellectual ability to understand literary work? The understanding power of people vary according to ability to understand words and the order in which they are used and the manner in which it is used in a constructed sentence.

This variation in understanding level is all due the environment a person has grown up. Fore one person a word in a sentence may sound funny and for the next it may cause irritation. Further still the placement of a word which has two different connotation can make one person feel it is this and another feel it is that.

But as a whole people are more used to figurative language rather than formal language. The days for them have long lost it relevance in the literary likes of humanity, especially in English.

So if you want to reach out to a larger audience as a writer, you should have this canny ability of using figures of speech. They add flavour to the pattern of speech which in sense is writing for a writer.

Fortunately, if you are writing in English as I do not know about other languages, it has a treasure trove of these devices. Learn the art of using them, which at first may sound useless to you as they were of the past used by those nut cases of the English language, but fortunately, these nut case helped to developed the language as it stands today.

Furthermore, you may think, that your reader, will not understand these devices. If that is the case in your mental thought, then you are absolutely wrong. They may not understand the literary device used, but they would surely understand the flavour of the device.

Next is the use of grammatical correct usage. Grammar, without you knowing it plays a vital part in the transmission of communication. We all learn to use a language according to a particular structure which is the structural syntax of a language. If we read what is not in the order of how it should be, then we are not able to comprehend it mentally and we get a distorted picture in our mind.

Your need to remember that the words in a sentence is actually changed to a picture in our mind. Both concrete as well as abstract terms. The relationship of these happen to how it has been associated to a past action of the same.

This may sound very esoteric but if there had been past action of the same, then person will not understand a thing of what you have written or are saying. It is the same a taking of a plane when a person has never seen one in his life. You may try to explain to him it flies like a birds. But, then again, the relationship is that of a bird and the picture formed in his mind is a bird. So he may come up with an answer that it is a bird that humans made to fly. Did they have to make an egg first for it to hatch?

The action of the mind is so similar to the learning process of a child. He only understands what he see and then asks a thousand and one question. If he has not seen it before it is futile to tell him about it.

So, as I had begun that writing is an action where many elements need to be taken into consideration. A good writer knows these and uses the according to his advantage to writer beautiful literature for any occasion. He has all the tools to make it happen.

Steven William Pitts

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