Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bread, Butter and Cheese

How delicious would it be to get up in the morning and have a sandwich made of bread, butter and cheese! These must be the thoughts of those who have gone to bed hungry the previous night with the hope that they would taste something better the following morning. Yet, in some parts of the world the good things are throw into the dustbin after one has been satiated with the goodies.

Twenty five per cent of the world’s population use more than seventy per cent of the world’s resources irrespective of the country they come from but the lion share of which is from the developed countries. The other seventy five per cent have to make do on the thirty per cent left over.

These statistics can only tell you one thing – what a mad rush their may be among the seventy five per cent to get that thirty per cent resources. What a disparity between the two? The haves and the have-nots. Yet, the two have to bear the burden equally and at times it is the majority lot.

This is because they have already built their bastions of security. When we see the torments of nature unleashing its terror, the vivid images of the less fortunate hit the screen of our television. So many thousands killed in the storm. Aid is hard to reach these unfortunate many. The fortunate few hardly ever see the real thing expect as vicarious spectators on the flat screen.

The damage is done due the smaller consuming lot and the brunt is being borne by the unfortunate many. That is the ignominy of it. Consumerism is tearing the global apart not only on the pangs of hunger but also helping to accelerate the process to greater heights where more and more are falling into the trap of dreaming of bread, butter and cheese the previous night.

Even in the most poorest of the poor country, you would be surprised to see wealth being flaunted to the extremes where it is impossible to imagine that that is a poor country. That is because the poor of the country live like rats in a hole serving their masters to make more wealth of their poverty. Wealth can expand vast portions only to obliterate the truth of poverty.

They spend ten times more that what the poor might earn in a month. They have water to keep their gardens lush green where the poor cannot get water to serve their basic needs. That is the true story. They have cars from which the metal and others in it are dug up from the boughs of the earth causing the torment to earth just to unleash the brute force of her terror and the poor and the poverty stricken have to bear the consequence.

While he and his family is protected in the castle they have built off the wealth of the poor and using it to cause damage and harm to me by his detrimental action. Is this what we call human rights where one has the right to cause harm to another via his actions? Oh! It is not a seen action for it to be call a violation of human rights. There is something very funny in the way we try to justify our logic to our action. It depends all on who you are on this earth or else you do not matter. You are a person of insignificance. That is what the vast majority of the seventy five per cent that go to bed dreaming of bread, butter and cheese.

Time will come when this wrong is corrected if not then the action of the few will have a consequence will pay out in the future where even the built bastions will suffice to protect one from the fury of nature. The earth is heading into a catastrophe in all arenas of human suffering where the ultimate goal is the annihilation of it.

Steven William Pitts

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