Monday, December 9, 2013

Internet Fraudsters

The craze to get optimized on the internet has increased so dramatically that it has become the canister of internet fraud. You are systematically drawn in either to lose your time or actually pay for services that are promised free in the first place. Be cautious, be careful and read on as how it happens.

People in the craze to fall into the first two pages under their sort after keywords need to have back links from site and the more reputed they are the more authority they have in this standing. No one is going to give you these backlinks.

Because of this craze there has come about a whole of hawks waiting to make profit from your misery. They start of sites such as marketing a site where you could place guests post both free and their different paid versions. Then there are the press release sites drawn along the same line. Further more there are the optimizing companies that help you to posts them to such sites of over five to six hundred sites.

This is how they go about their business of putting you into a trap and making sure that what they promised you freely that you actually pay for. Beginning with the free guest post. Here you have to mail them with your post and after they are pleased with it they would post it on their site. In hundred per cent of the cases they are not going to do so. You get fed up an eventually offer to pay for the post to be published on their site. They have got your money which they said that they would do for free.

In case you think what is the use for paying for the service. They have got your post and with a few alteration they either sell it as always it is unique content. You having written the post with your time and creativity expecting to get credit and a couple of back links goes up in smoke. Taken for a bloody good ride.

It is practically the same case with those pertaining to be a media site and allow press releases. You pay and they will release it for you.

Now coming to those optimizing companies. They would do the dirty work for you by releasing hundreds of posts on sites with backlinks with actually all those sites own by them. You could make a couple of sites free with actually act as subdomains just like word press. They posts post on them with links to your site and if you are happy, you pay them for your services. Either way, once you do, you site is going to suffer.

You get blacklisted by the search engines as they pull the plug and they write a couple of post plastering it on all their self owned sites. This results in duplicate content.

The best way for your to get back links is to be patient. Have a blog for your site, write unique content for it pertaining for your site and writing it inveigling enough so as people to appreciate it. In due course of time people will genuine site owners will want to relate to it and give you back links. This blog also helps to optimize your site.

You could fall into the trap of the backlink generators and lose all you have. That is why, I write to get optimized.

Steven William Pitts

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