Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Distorted Mind

Who would we refer to as having a distorted mind? It is not a thing which can be gauged by any instruments on earth or sighted, so how could one be judged as having a distorted mind? It is something so abstract that only through behavioural patters can we make this judgement as to whether one has a distorted mind or not.

Who do we call a person having a distorted mind? The closest that we can get to making this judgement is when a person does or says things in total opposition to the established norms, ways of life and social habits.

Usually we as humans live in a social order for the collective benefits of all in it. The survival and welfare of him lies in it. So a set habits and principles are followed so that all can go about business in a harmonious way.

Usually a person with a distorted mind does things to the contrary of this. The way he things brings agony to his fellow men. In other words his actions and words bring in horror to his fellow men.

History has it that some of these distorted minds have become leaders and lead nations but we also know the result of them being at the helm of power. How do these people with distorted minds rise to the pinnacles of power so as to later unleash terror on humanity.

It is simply that their distortion of mind is not known till it is too late to do anything about it. His distortion has to run its course to finally die out. In the bargain, it is not only that the distorted mind that is wiped out, but in the process, countless many others suffer.

People with distorted minds should be picked up early and given either special treatments to change their mind set as if left on the loose, their distortion can ever increase and we know what devastating effects it can be brought into the lives of people.

Judging these distorted minds can begin early in life. The places where these people go to learn – schools. Teachers should be careful grooming to spot those and a total analysis of the child’s mind should be done. This should be the responsibility of the state as if this child allowed to carry on with his ways, he can be detrimental for society in some way or the other.

Special treatment can be given so that his distortion of the mind is channelized into something constructive in life. Usually children showing the symptoms of distortion in mind have had some experience which is horrifying to a small tender mind. Such as physical abuse or sexual abuse. It is an experience which he does not understand much about. It could be violence within the family where one of his parents is abusive.

In the modern era, television, computers and video games help to exacerbate the matters of distortion in the mind of the child. Some cartoons are also said to have an effect on the minds of not only children but grown ups as well.

Many of the killers whether in the United States or China tend to be youths living a life of solitude distortion, till they come to the brink where they got to show their capabilities and the result of it stabbings in China and massive shoot sprees in schools and colleges.

What did the parents and society do? Nothing, they did not root out the cause of distortion. Much of this distorted minds have a cure only if they could be picked up early.

We only think of doing things when the deed of distortion has already played its part.

Steven William Pitts

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