Sunday, December 8, 2013

An Unearthly Figure

Many a men are distorted beyond recognition that they can be referred to an unearthly figures. It is a sad case with such people as like an alien from outer space, they are not able to live a proper earthly life like a normal human being.

Why is the nature of man so? This is because man likes to see what is appealing to his senses and if it is not so, he tries his best to the sight out of his vision as it disturbs him mentally same as the sight of worms and all the ugly creatures of the earth. He believes that they have no place on earth.

Sadly most of what he takes as something not in his liking is essential for the proper function of the earth just as this unearthly figure might be. We should not disregard any people however diminutive he might be as each one of us a part to play in this big wide world.

In fact some of these unearthly figures have contributed tremendously towards the betterment of humanity. Take the likes of Stephen Hawkings. With all his drawbacks he was able to achieve wonders in the field of physics. He made us understand the true value of time and the big wide infinity of space.

We at times feel revulsive at the rag-pickers who fossick for things of value to them. If it were not for them, then the earth would have piled up with scrap polluting the earth more than it is presently. They do a big job for us in their filthy state. No man on this earth is without value. I believe the further down the hierarchy one might be in the social order he is, the more valuable he is to humanity.

It is those who are higher up in the social ladder are the pariah of society not because they have been ostracized from society, but because they take more of the earthly resources then the ones lower down the social ladder. Yet, they believe that they are the might gods that the rest of society has to condescend to.

There were only a few that stooped lower enough to reach out to the unearthly figure. One among the few was Mother Teresa. Even though, I have no religious faith but when it comes to her, it brings a tear to my eye. As a human she is one what we can call so.

Humans are hypocritical in behaviour as it is their belief that their salvation can be bought with wealth. They donate heavily which may help to alleviate a part of human suffering, but they do not go down to the level of giving comfort to the unearthly figure. They just think that by their money which is a just as a faction of what they really have, that they have done their human job on earth. They have bought nirvana.

A peasant does just the same. Many religious text have such anecdotes for moral lessons. The bible, the Puranas and even the Koran but I shall stick to the Hindu religious text. The Hindu God Shiva had a stack of disciples and one among them was an over smart young sage.

One day he told the lord that he was the most holy figure among men. The lord refuted him by saying that he wasn’t but in fact he was the most lazy, just taking pretence of being a holy. The sage countered the lord as to how could he say when he had the name of the lord every moment of the day, right from the time he opened his eye to the moment he shut it.

The lord said no the farmer was a thousand times more holy than he was. The sage totally disagreed. So the lord had to teach him a lesson and bring him down to earth. He told him use the name the lord as much as you want and return to me after a month and let me known the effects of being too holy.

The sage left for the tour of earth uttering the name of the lord to show how holy he was. He shouted the name of the lord expecting food but each human said, “Why you lazy fellow, we do not get enough ourselves and you with your healthy limbs can tilt the earth for yourself. Be off!” And so for a month, he did not get a morsel to earth and landed back in the audience of the lord, thin and frail.

The lord asked him how was being too holy was like. He was too weak to even acknowledge. The lord told him then, that the poor peasant just uttered his name only twice a day, once after getting up and before going to bed. He had to provide for himself and his family. He had more pressing matters at hand than to be too patronizing.

The earth is given and when you have time doing good for the unearthly figures is your duty as I as a god cannot make all men accordingly so I have left it to the high and mighty to do their part.

I believe that if you want to be remember in the modern age you must do for the unearthly figures by stooping to that level not by your wealth but by your deeds. Then you can expect to be in the favour of humans.

Steven William Pitts 

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