Thursday, November 21, 2013

Writing for Pleasure

“Writing for pleasure” helps to accentuates a writers personality. It gives him a chance to say what is on his mind and at the same time allows him to get exposure to the wider world, especially to those who read his work. It also gives him the chance to practise his art of writing.

When one writes, specially when is not doing it out of compulsion, he is not obliged to anyone but his mind from where derives the creativity of the literature that he what to elucidate. He gets the chance to see how freely the flow of his thought comes out in the form of words. He is neither under compulsion of others nor of circumstances but at the accord of his mellifluous of words and thoughts.

At times like which do not bar one under constraint, one tends to be the lion of words – his mind nor heart is confined. He is then able to make a mountain out of a mole hill. All the devices of a language become tools for play and experiment. Why is this so? He is comfortable writing as a natural writer would. He is his self in an aurora of his own world. He has no fear that he would not be read for he cares only too hoots if it is – he at the moment is intoxicated with the though as to how easily the flow of words emit from his once stagnated mind.

Now he understands that compulsion and the eagerness to please others have caused the stagnation to his mind, barring it from actually allowing him to writer as he should. His critic are the malice of him being bound in this fold of not being able to writer with the panache as he should.

So now we come to the million dollar question - how do I allow my writer to write? I would give you the suggestion, that he should be given a free rein to do so, do not try to force down his gullet your views as then he may feel that he writing out of compulsion rather than writing out of pleasure. He will write but he will not be able to write as a person who writes out of his own accord. He becomes a mental blocked barrier.

Till date, I have not see original literature on the net. I know for a fact that most of it has been written by others under a degree of orders – the person who wrote it was not given the freedom to write as he would do if he were writing for pleasure. That is arguably noticeable in most of what is written for supposedly human consumption.

Writing and written work on the internet has become so robotic with all the software out there. You get Grammarly to tell out of line you are as a writer. You have CopyScape to tell you if you have plagiarised someone else’s work. To a certain per cent they are good to pick out the charlatans in the writer’s world but at the same time these software also help to destroy the creativity of a writer as he begins to become so artificial.

Good writing cannot and should not be or seem artificial – it is so as the writer is not writing in his own words but using the artificial intelligence of some machine. Language stops to evolve and so does the creative skills of a writer as he resorts to less easier means. This leads to the degradation of a writers writing skills in the long run.

This is the primary reason, I as a freelance writer never resort to the use of any of them, as I know in the short term I may gain favour with the audience, but in the long journey, I am the only one to lose. I love writing for pleasure as it comes from my mine, heart and soul which leads to the growth of my writing abilities on the whole.

Steven William Pitts

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