Thursday, November 21, 2013

Promoting yourself as a freelance writer

Isn’t it nice to get traffic to your site if your are a freelance writer. The original traffic you get the more would the conversion of the visitor to a client. But all this does not come about by magic but promotion. Self promotion is the mantra in this digital age where practically everything has gone one line.

Build a site if not a blog

In this age if you do not have a site leave alone a blog, you are absolutely nothing. As word of mouth hardly works these days. People want to see who they are hiring and that they can only come to know if they see it in sense. Your site or blogs should be written by you and not by a second or third person as that is actually not your writing but someone else’s. It will only catch up with you in the end as people can usually make out the difference in the end. This will not do you a world of good.

Get your blog or site optimized

Having a blog or site alone is not going to help, unless you get traffic to it. As as freelance writer, your main though is on earning so it would be foolhardiness to go in for paid advertisement. That means instead of earning you are paying. It does not make sense. The best option is to get your site optimized organically in the different search engines with keywords that are related to your site and trade. People who are looking for your work in the art of writing will only type in those keywords.

But a words of caution – there are many freelancer out there who are also on the same track of optimizing your site. so you should have a bit of knowledge of search engine optimization. This you can learn if you do some research on the topic as there is a wealth of information out there in the digital world. Never resort to the help of an optimizer as there are more charlatans out there who are ready to make a quick buck and these guys can rip you pocket.

Plus learning to optimize your own site will also help you in your freelance writing activities for those clients which you may get in the future. But I must warn you that search engine optimization is not a pretty easy art if you do not have patience.

Project your writing

Write as much as you can on different topics and post them to your blog on different subject from any and every thing. People who want to hire your for your writing skills would want to know in which genres are you capable of writing and they would also want to know the quality of your written would before they can think of hiring you.

Show that you are capable of writing about all subject from around the world. Your language should be as simple as possible. Try not to use any fancy words. But you should try to improve upon your word power and grammatical skills. They help you to write in good proper English. Never be ambiguous and ambivalent in what you write. Start the art of rhetorical writing which derives from the figures of speech.

Do research when you have to from the net, but never copy what others have written as you may be caught some how and taken for a fraud. This is known as plagiarism and there are programmes and sites to catch this kind of content. Write on a topic as if from you mind first hand – this way there are 100% chances that you will never fall into this trap.


If all goes well and you are true to your heart as taking the trade of a freelance writer, then you are sure to do well provide, it is not for making a quick buck.

Steven William Pitts

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