Thursday, November 21, 2013

What does writing costs?

This is a question that most would like to ask? I could only begin by saying the cost of what you write all depends on the quality of what you have written and for whom it is meant. But there is one thing that I could at least say – only the person who actually does the work knows what it takes and he expects to be paid in accordance.

Just being a freelance writer and expecting that you are going to make a solid income by sitting in front of the computer and typing away at the keyboard is all there to it. Then you are sadly mistaken. A lot of effort goes into the work which is then gauged for the quality. A writer needs to research into what he is going to writer for he just cannot write any nonsense.

In this modern world, the cost of what you write depends on where you are from. Most people from the developed world have this tendency of being bias believing those from the under or developing countries do not have the competence as those from their own world. Plus they further believe that those living in the less fortunate countries live and sustain on less so they should be paid less – this is the primary reason for much of the work that is out sourced from the West to the east.

But the truth is far stranger than fiction as much of this writing work is out sourced to the BPO companies and a rate less than 25% of what would have been paid in the country of origin. In the country of work, it is further our sourced to others such as freelance writers and workers at the company whom are hardly paid one tenth of the price of the country of origin.

The maths can be as simple. If the price of an article of 500 words is $40 in the west, when it reaches the BPOs in the East it comes to $30 and the freelance writer or the worker at the BPO may just get a dollar or two.

If this is the case, you can naturally imagine the quality of the article. When a person is not paid proportionally for the creative work of writing – he will not write to his true potential. If you are made to write about twenty or so articles for a BPO so that the BPO can make hands down and then send the articles and write ups thought synthesizers for rectification so that it looks original, then you as the owner of the finished product has not been given a work of creativity to work wonders on your site as that is the intended purpose for the article.

If you would like to get a master piece that can give a much to your site it would be better to pay the writer his dues and directly to him – not letting it circumnavigate through many hands.

Writing anywhere in this world should not be less than $5 for a 500 word article where at most you should give your freelance writer of writing 5 articles a day. Writing takes time for research and editing besides the necessity of typing it out. This allow you you writer for your blog or site the time, space and comfort to write and live a decent life.

In this way you as a client also save a lot and get work that is original for a writer who writes for only you till you pay him.

Steven William Pitts

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