Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Myth about a Freelance Writer

It seem as if there is a myth surround a freelance writer. This comes from a thought that a freelance writer is a free person. But there is more than what the eye can see. He is just like any other ordinary person trying to make an honest living off the net.

Freelance writers are those people who writer for this digital age but are not obligated to any out sourcing company. They basically write from the comfort of their homes. This gives them the leisure to writer not under any duress.

It is better to hire a freelance writer than to send your writing work to any out sourcing company that have begun to burgeon in multitudes in the developing countries. This is not said out of malice but out of logical judgement.

At out sourcing companies, the writers which they hire are new graduates who just opt in to earn some money on their way to a better career – only about 10% continue in this field. More over the writers must accomplish a certain amount of articles per day. A person who writes cannot in anyway write under duress or stress. This is most telling on the mind and because of this many of them do not even complete a month. This imagine the quality of work.

They are more like car manufacturing companies rather than artists of creativity which a site needs to get optimized and make a conversion. On the other hand a freelance writer, since he is only obliged to you, he does his best to write content that shows his merit. It is by this that he is able to get his name around and hence is able to get more jobs.

He is a master at creation of words as he has taken this as a profession and the more matured he is the better his writing skills will be. More over since he does not write under stress and duress – he is able to think freely and a person who can do so, can work wonders for your content.

As we all know that content on a site  or blog is king to get your site optimized in the search engine under any given keyword. He writes so that this happens.

So the myth surround a freelance writer is real, he does his writing work freely for the client who hires. So it would be imperative on your path to hire one if you expect your site to perform well in this digital age.

Steven William Pitts

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