Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Pillar of Success

The pillar of success is something easy to come as a freelance writer. To get yourself the due attention, the site which you own such be well projected in search engine queries. It is just an uphill tortuous battle against the search engines. It is the general belief that this battle can be won with perseverance.

It has been said that failure is the ladder to success. With every failure, if you will is there to succeed, then one day you are bound to pass the test of failure. Some search engines have the filtration of mechanisms in place to remove those site that they cannot or do not like.

But they should remember that all giants has an Achilles' heel. That is a weak point in their armour. Most if not all stay behind the protective barriers of they governments which is in most cases the United States. The United States is a country being the only super power has the policy of making it point blank with – do as I tell you but do not as I do.

So when it is time to rob others of their hard earned work they will try to play tricks with you with their policies. They want things done their way while they think that no other way exists. Most of these search which lie in the super of evil have players behind the scene that manage the free flow of information. The algorithm that they make secretly is just a gimmick to show the world how righteous they are but in fact, behind the scene they have a different motive altogether.

Many of them, believe that they are the arch angels of the freedom of speech and free of information which instead they are manipulating to their advantage. This is specially true of the search engine which holds the highest amount of visitors. Why is so? All because the ones that tell the truth will let their secret know to the world that they are nothing but big fat crooks.

I thank my lucky stars that I am a freelance writer and have the potential to write so that I am able to expose the charlatan conspiracy of them. For the time being, I am not doing so for apparent reasons best known to me.

If a person as big as they are meant to be why do they hide behind some doubtful logic? The only reason can be is that they have some something to hide. That is common knowledge. You make an algorithm which you change constantly – what can be the motive it. Logic tells me that you have something to hide. This allows you to do as you please behind the screen which makes your deeds non questionable.

The failure to success is to hammer those that are responsible for your failure. And when they are hit, it will hurt them real bad – it is then when they will come to their senses. All need to know everyone and all things have a weak point when spotted can make them have a might fall and it falls in the preview of those the are cause harm to take justice. That is known as human rights. Not the human rights that the United States talks about but is constantly trampling upon.

Steven William Pitts

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