Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Poor Man’s World

What makes one special? Is not only to understand the world of glamour but also a poor man’s world. I as freelance writer have been writing on so many issues, that it is time I wrote of see the world through the eyes of the less fortunate – a larger chunk of society.

Much has been written by the masters of literature to open our eyes to the miseries that beckon the poor man’s languishing in abject poverty for others to gain from it, but hardly anything has been written about it in the contemporary world as it lacks the glitter and glamour that those in society have, want.

A poor man awakes in the morning with one thought on his mind and that is if he would get a job that would earn him enough to sustain himself and his family that day. If he would come home in the evening and answer to the hungry eyes of his children – yes, tonight your belly will be full so that you could sleep comfortable.

He is a hard man as he sees the miseries of his family unfold in front of his very self – he cannot do anything to give them the warmth on their bodies as the clothes from charity have gone thread bear and is diaphanous enough to see the dry skin below in the clod weather. Leave alone heating at home, the walls and roof can cannot shield them from the cold that seep in through not the ventilators but the many cracks. 

His children frequently get sick but he leaves them mercilessly to their sickness hoping that they would get better for he does not get enough to fed his family leave alone medical care. Outings and games for his children’s childhood is like a dream without cream. They are to grow up into this hard, cruel world and left to the mercy of it to fend for themselves as they are old enough to become servants or labourers of society.

There is nothing that can emancipate them from this vicious circle of poverty except those the rich rich who kept them there so that they can live their rich life. Much which goes from the different organisation to deliver them from this poverty goes into the maintenance of these organisation rather than for the intended purpose. The rest into the rich man’s pocket or the bureaucracy of the government agencies.

Millions are pouring in from the rich man’s pocket only to go back into the rich man’s pocket, all the while this game is being played the poor just in hope from day to day that he would be able to feed his family with the bare necessities of life only for that day – the next day is not a day to think of it is the future as knows the future fairly well. He is to remain in abject poverty from where he had come in the first place.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance writer

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