Thursday, November 21, 2013

Healthy Living

My writing as a freelance content writer takes me across different horizons. You name it and it is there in my ledger. I cannot escape any of them. Today, I would like to talk a very little of health and what do we understand by healthy living.

This topic would be all the more better to broach up now in the age where all seek health, knowing that you have to pay for it. I do not want to be paradoxical or ironic but the truth is the truth and there is no getting away from the fact.

It is always better to know that we are responsible for our own health and our health depends to a major degree on our life style – the way we live. Most of the unhealthy people are the affluent ones as never before we have heard much about the rich man’s disease but now in our modern world.

Riches do not make us unhealthy but the way in which we use our riches. Riches give us untold materialistic wealth where we take the comfort of it to misuse our health. It sees so rhyming. Where it is supposed to be “health is wealth” but now it turns the inverse of “wealth is ill-health” .

What does a man with affluence do? He forgets to walk to his destination but instead has some thing to carry him and all the while contributing to the ill-health of the environment as well. He eats the delicious things which only contributes more to his lag of exercise. Instead of doing any work at home, he hires a domestic help. His wife goes out of shape. He looks for his feminine else where. Leading to fidelity in the family.

He lives longer but on the support of his wealth which buys him the amenities to do so – from the medical sector which is a business that never goes through loss. While the rich man becomes an robotic addict to life missing out on all that is good.

Stress is a slow killer. Food which is unnatural is worse still. The dependence on other is the worst of all. Take to do that much as you can handle. Eat naturally and do you own work. There is no shame in it.

Instead of driving a car or using public transport – walk or use the mangy bicycle. You will do a world of good. Who is to know, you may hit a century. Do your own house work. That helps a woman to keep her natural and remain appeal to the opposite sex. Living in a stress free ambience away from city life. The rural areas are know for their simplicity and love toward nature.

I know the rich and the affluent cannot do away with the clinquant of city glamour and the fast life it has to offer but that is not healthy living. As my grandmother’s cliché goes – early to bed and early to rise makes a man health wealth and wise. I live in a city and follow it as far as possible and I add a bit of tonic to it – I ride my mangy bicycle up hill for about an hour and a half. At nearly fifty my heart is as fit a fiddle.

  Steven William Pitts

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