Thursday, November 21, 2013

An Early Morning Ride

City life has gone so toxic and has coagulated both the body and the mind. City life is meant to expedite the process of living and make it more worth the while but to the contrary. The best mithridate for this is an early morning cycle ride.

Why I mentioned early morning and not any other part of the is for the apparent reason – morning happens to be the least polluted part of the day. It is during the night that human activities begin to settle down and so the pollution which builds up during the day gets a change of settling down.

This pollution and as wells as the stress that living in a city takes a toil of makes us unhealthy both physically and mentally. So it it would wise of a person to take an early morning ride.

This is how I do it. I am unfortunate to live in a city like most of you. But I am fortunate in a way that I am in proximity to verdure hills which are not as yet touch by human’s destructive activity.

Each morning at the break of dawn, I pick up my bike and adorn my riding gear and set off for the foot hills. It is about a twenty minute ride away.

This is about the most treacherous part of the ride as I have to pass through human dwellings and when there is one there is only detrimental activity on. Man is known for his destructive activity where his presence is for economic gain.

I am glad to finally reach the foothill of the hill which is known as Shivapuri. Here I must begin my climb to the non stop climb to the top. It is an arduous physical draining climb with a non stop ascent. The physical strain is reduced by the greenery and fresh air emitted from the trees.

The view of that green has an appeasing effect on the eyes and some say that it helps to strengthen the eyesight. The energy the body needs to reach the top makes you breath hard and fast, but that is not a problem as the air is some what fresh as it has been purified by the trees. This breathing helps to clear the mind of all the toxins and impurities that have built up.

It cleanse the lungs, heart mind and soul. Having reached the top makes one feel that he has won one more battle with what life has thrown at you.

The journey back home is all down hill which is fast and a pleasure to have reached the top. You are in for a hearty breakfast – do not suppress the appetite in the name of dieting as you are doing more harm than any good. Now you are ready to face the day with panache and confidence.

This is how I begin the day, how about you?

Steven William Pitts

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