Thursday, November 21, 2013

How much land does a man need?

This is a question that I would like to ask you as a freelance writer to all those who have a change of reading this post. This thought is so philosophical that I get trapped in a web of intricacies while trying to answer it.

But, as it is a nature of a freelance writer to unravel the mysteries of creativity, my logic will try its best to give something judicious enough to rationalise it. I will begin off with this ratiocination – a reasoned train of though and will be progress with much but the eventual solution with lie with the reader to conclude with.

To the fag end of his conquest “Alexander the Great” was asked in India this very question by a saga to which his greatness could not answer even with having the great teacher Socrates as his teacher in his youth. The answer to the question, when retraced back to the saga was all that was needed to place a man’s body in after he died. The calculation as it take is fourteen square feet.

For in reality if come to see it, it is much more than the eye meets. Mans dead body may need that much of land to be buried but his living body takes much more. How?

He needs food to sustain his being. That food does not come from a mangy piece of land required to bury the dead. The clothes he wears also needs to be grown which takes land much more than his dead body needs. It is not much the physical presence that takes of a man’s body but the needs for his survival that requires the land. So when we come to the conclusion of answering this question, the land that a man needs is infinite to ones sight.

This so because the land that he needs is proportional the his needs and this changes under circumstances from man to man. The more possess a man is for want the land needed to sustain him will be greater and vice verse if his needs is less demanding.

The land a man needs does not necessarily be the land he owns under his jurisdiction but can be measure by the demand of his need. He may own just a roof over his head but the better food he eats, the more clothes he wears and the more sophisticated his means of travel is – relates to the land needed to keep him going.

So if we come to a logical conclusion, it can be said that the power of purchase that he has by the money he owns, is what land he subjugates under him to provide him with.

In the times of the kings when the territory changed sizes, it was just the extend to show the kings power, but in the contemporary world it is all about economics and commerce which shows the amount of land owned which is subjugated to destruction to man’s greed which is having a detrimental effect – this is much more dangerous than in the times of our ancestors for now before we take the true requirement of the actually placement of land, we destroy much more than that fourteen square feet. We as humans are responsible for thousands of square metres for us to live our avarice life on earth.

So I leave it up to you folks to make the exact measurement as to how much land do you need to live on planet earth.

Thank you and I hope this has been food for thought.

Steven William Pitts

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