Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Small Mercies

We are living in an avaricious world were seemingly everyone in is heading in the same direction trying to make it big. There is hardly anybody satisfied with small mercies. This has not always been the case it is a new trend with major consequence.

If we as humans are not tolerant of what we have and there comes a time when provisions of the larger ones are not there, would we be able to coop with the burden of life? I guess not as we become immune to a way where we believe not else less is there to happen. How sadly mistaken we are!

This article is mainly written to make people conscious that we as humans expect more from our Earth than she has to give. What happens when her stock of goodness runs out, would we be able to live on the small mercies which most of our ancestors did once? I bet no.

Here is hypnosis. Imagine that you are stranded in the Arctic without any fuel and the natural means to light fuel that we are so used to like matches. By some means we light a fire after fossicking for some and tortures means of light one. The cold in the Arctic can subjugate the heat making it equivalent to practically nothing. I bet we could call that small mercy.

Sometimes in life, we could fall from grace from what we are used to, never imagining that they would could to pass. Would we be able to coop with life? I feel that most would die with ignominy of what we have come to and would not be able to show ourselves in the circle we are used to nor with the ones who below to the lower levels of society.

This intolerance from the way we are moulded by our parents and to some extend society. We want to show others and need to compete with the other social animals called humans. We build an aurora which we want to make bigger and stronger with each passing day.

This is the state in which each human being seems to be heading – if all are heading in the same direction, I presumably believe that a collusion is bound to happen where some are sent off into the obscurity of insignificance having to depend on the small mercies that are left for them to pick up.

Hence, it is imperative that parents make their children immune to both side of life and not put their children in a protective layer, which is mostly the case presently. You got to remember that there can come times when the fall from grace can be hard for you but harder for your child even when he becomes a man. Make your child immune to small mercies of life, it will not only help him to coop with life but would have great things in store for him.

Steven William Pitts

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